March 21, 2019

Celibacy: Reasons Why You Should Wait

Celibacy: Reasons Why You Should Wait

Sex was created to be sacred for two individuals that have been married but did you know it’s not sacred anymore.

If children as young as nine years are engaging in pre-marital sex, what is it nowadays? The practice of celibacy in many relationships is not there anymore because the society has influenced it.

Couples want to test before they get to the altar and to be sure both are good. Some ladies want to know if his stick will satisfy her, men want to know if she is good enough to leave him helpless and the list is endless. Before you start testing one another, you need to know that waiting until marriage is a covenant honoring God with your marriage.

Below are the reasons you need to wait until marriage:


  • Celibacy saves you from transmission of sexually transmitted diseases– when both individuals are not relating sexually, there are high chances they won’t infect each other with infections and the real virus, HIV. Let’s get to the bible in 1 Corinthians 6: 18-20, God stated that those that engage in premarital sex will face harsh consequences and he wants to protect us from that by being celibate. As a couple, you need to know your HIV status and if there are any infections that are present before it results in something else.

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  •  It honors God- this may not mean anything to some of us but it’s plain truth! We have chosen to go against God’s will in this area even after knowing it’s wrong. Why though? We are urged to take good care of our bodies because it’s the temple of the holy-spirit but that’s not the case. Nowadays, it’s like a competition. Some men’s egos are boosted by the number of women he has laid with and same case to the ladies. If you are in a relationship and there are signs of both of you going celibate, seek God to guide you.


  • There are no accidental pregnancies- nowadays unplanned pregnancies are not shocking news anymore but it’s always a horrifying moment once a woman learns she is pregnant because it was unplanned. How will you break the news to your mommy? Cousins? Friends? And of course the guy you have been dating? Some guys will choose to take responsibility which is mature and sweet while others run away after dating for years since they were not prepared for it. Yes, there are condoms but remember they are not 100%. Save that trouble hunny by going celibate with your man!


  • You hurt less in case of a break-up-if a couple has not engaged in any sexual activities there is less hurt to your heart! Once you lay with him and break up, there is a huge part of you that will feel frustrated and it takes time to heal that.

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  • Your connection with your partner is deeper- it gets deeper because you learn to spend more time together and learn more about each other outside the sexual activities. Did you know that you can also look for more ways to express love to your partner? Which makes the relationship more beautiful.

Lastly, Your naked body should only belong to the one who falls in love with your naked soul.

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