Change has truly come o by Viola Okolie

Change has truly come o by Viola Okolie

What do you mean “we have not yet seen the change we voted for”?

Haba Nigerians, please learn to be patient. Change is in the air, change is around every corner. I have seen change, stop being a sore loser and get with the program.

Whether you are among the 15 million that voted for change; or the 12 million that felt the change was in us,  all we need is a little more “Patience” and a little less propaganda; the most important thing is that change is here now, so we must all embrace it.

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When we were clamoring from change, we wanted a pauper. A simple man, one that does not own a house in Abuja, with a simple wife and a simple lifestyle

We modeled our change after Charles Dicken’s Uriah Heep. We would get a PUBLIC assets declaration, and we would see that the sum total of our Change’s assets was just one million naira.

If that is the criteria, please vote me for President, I have less than a million naira to my name. I have about N50,000. Vote for me!

Una money no go loss.

I also buy my wristwatches from Mallam Ado in Jabi motor park with names like Sworsh, Christie Doir, Bangari and Raymond Wire.

Ignore all that noise about N10 million wristwatches and N900 million mansions, it is the work of bad belle people. They all need salvation.

We voted against a president who would attend summits then go and stand at the back. We wanted change. We are the giant of Africa and our rightful position should be in the forefront of any and every gathering.

Whatever the place settings might be, as the giant of Africa, it was our right to demand we should be placed front and centre. If the organisers refused, we upturn the tables and chairs, scatter all the papers and roll around on the floor throwing tantrums.

Our President must stand in the front row or we vote him out.


We voted for change. Change from a president who leaves his ADC to carry his bags to… Errrr,  a president who leaves his ADC to carry his bags?!?!?

*scratching my head*

Ahhhhh,  okay, we wanted a president with a fewer number of aides and retinue. Someone who would jump on a plane with his portmanteau, sit in the economy section and arrive his destination unannounced. Stroll through immigration without protocol, private jet fire, etc..

And when we voted we got…. Errrr. .. emmm. ..

Ah okay, we wanted legislators who would not fight and bicker over elective positions after all, the intention is to serve us not so? Tinubu did admit immediately after the elections were lost and won, that it was a new day. It was “business unusual” and to prove that, he was willing to ignore the nation’s treasury, “his personal interest” in the interest of the people.

Okay, so why all this bickering in the National Assembly? Did they not hear it was business unusual? Why all the “two fighting” and “four quarelling” and dirty linen washing? Are we back to business as usual?

Na wa.

Anyway, I can pinpoint one change for sure – the Vice President is now an “ordinary commissioner”!

Shanje have kame!

And for those of you still on Social Media yelling “shanje”, here is a quotable quote from someone within the party in power’s ranks:

“Our party leaders are fraudulent, shameful and dishonest” – Roforofo Participant from the Party in Power.

Una don hear am now ba?

Wee you all keep kwayet?

PS: Maybe when next we prepare to vote, we would have learnt our lessons and focus on real issues. The Chinese man knew something like this was going to happen when he said:

“When you bend down to blow breeze on your neighbour’s exposed bumbum, bear it in mind that your own bombom is left open to anything”.

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