Chimamanda Adiche Believes Jesus Christ Was A Feminist

Chimamanda Adiche Believes Jesus Christ Was A Feminist

Award winning novelist, Chimamanda Adiche, gave a startling take yesterday on Feminism and Jesus. Chimamanda whose views have made the rounds, cutting a strong divide among on the subject of feminism, said in a press conference yesterday that people often use the bible wrongly to justify their stance against feminism.

Her actual words were, “When you use the bible to justify what in my opinion is injustice, the problem with this is that, I want to then ask you, let’s talk about the new testament, let’s talk about Jesus Christ, because, in general, Christianity really is about the coming of Christ. Now, let’s, actually look at the bible. And it’s important also when you, you know, you selectively pick things from the old testament.

“If you actually go and read about the history of the bible, you’ll start to understand that the stories are rooted in particular cultures. Now, look at Jesus and look at–let’s look at how Jesus treated women. Jesus came from a society that was very patriarchal. The Jewish people at that time did not give any regard to women, like many cultures all over the world.

“Jesus came, and suddenly Jesus is treating women as though they’re his equals. Jesus is talking to women, and the old-fashioned Jewish people were scandalized. Because they were like, how can you be giving this kind of honour. But Jesus is making a point there. When Jesus rises from the dead, the central message of Christianity is that Christ has risen. That’s the central message. That’s why Easter is really the most important part of Christianity.”

Then she went on to ask a question to buttress her point, “When Christ first rises, who gets the message that he has risen?”

The audience seeing her point, chorused in unison, “Women!”

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