China begins its annual dog meat festival

China begins its annual dog meat festival

China is preparing for its annual dog and cat meat festival and there are calls for it to be shut down.

Animal rights activists say the practice blacken’s the country’s international reputation and fuels extreme cruelty to dog as well as unhygienic food handling.

Activists from a coalition of groups said yesterday that they will continue press for the festival to be banned as well as legislation outlawing the slaughtering of dogs and cats and the consumption of their meat.

While an estimated 10-20 million dogs are killed for their meat each year in China, the June 20 event in the city of Yulin has come to symbolise the cruelty and lack of hygiene associated with the largely unregulated industry.

Yu Hongmei, director of the VShine Animal Protection Association, said China needs to follow the example of the vast majority of developed nations that have banned eating dog and cat.

‘China needs to progress with the times,’ Yu said. ‘Preventing cruelty to animals is the sign of a mature, civilized society.’ Read more


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