China Closes Glass Bridge, After Surge In Visitors

China Closes Glass Bridge, After Surge In Visitors

The world’s longest glass bridge has closed within two weeks of opening after being overwhelmed by the number of visitors. More than 10,000 people flocked to the bridge in China’s Hunan province every day, overwhelming managers who had planned to limit visitors to no more than 8,000, local media said.

glass bridge2

The bridge is undergoing “an internal system upgrade”, the Xinhua News service quoted officials as saying. It is not clear when the bridge will reopen.

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The group that runs the attraction said it would use the closure to update “software and hardware” related to managing visitors, Xinhua added in its report. In an announcement on one of its social media accounts, the company apologised for inconveniencing the many travellers who had made bookings. “You … have cheated consumers,” one angry commenter claimed. Read more

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