May 22, 2018

Chinese goat is finer than Nigerian Goat by Tee

Chinese goat is finer than Nigerian Goat by Tee

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated in a few days, on the 19th, 20th and 21st of February, which is this weekend and it is a big deal in Asia. At this time a lot of Chinese all over the world will return home to celebrate the new year with their families and a lot of stores, offices and schools would shut down during this period, as well. It is likened to the American Thanksgiving celebration.


Before selling off all our things and embarking on the risky and exciting journey to Asia, I did not know much about the Chinese New Year, only that they celebrated the New Year differently from the rest of the world, anything more than that I was not interested.




Will you blame me? A few years back if they had told me that I would be living in South East Asia, I would have said tufiakwa and told the prophet that he didn’t like me, asking him to pray harder, hoping he would see a vision of me relocating to America.


Anyway since marriage is for better or worse, I did not argue when my darling woke up one morning and said that we were relocating far away from everything we know to seek our fortunes like Abraham in the Bible who left his family to an unknown city.  I had no choice but to follow, heeding the plenty plenty advice to go with my man before the Asian beauties snatched him away from me.

You know the saying; when in Rome you behave like the Romans? Well for me its been “when in Asia behave like the Asian.” So, I had to learn a bit about their culture, and their fascination with the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese zodiac the goat is the 8th of the 12 zodiac animals which are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

This year most decorations would be done in the symbol of the goat and I must confess that I have never seen a goat as handsome and attractive as the ones used to symbolize the New Year. This year, the year of the goat is believed to bring good luck. People who have the goat personality are said to be calm, gentle, shy, sympathetic etc. So watch out for children born this year.

You should see me walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia feeling like an Oyibo tourist, who is interested in temples, monuments, history, imbibing the culture, feeling the holistic atmosphere instead of just allowing my Naija spirit to over shadow all the formings and just go straight to the shopping mall where I will shop till I am broke.

Or, maybe take pictures in front of all the designer brands, then post them on Facebook with the caption: “thanking my lovely, romantic, fantastic husband who has given me all this, this valentine! and then watch as my Facebook likes grow.

And then while other women go green with envy, I would reply the comments with: “thank you my dears. It is God oh. LOL.

 But instead I comport myself and take in the decoration and like I said earlier this is the first time I have seen a goat this handsome even though this my African darling says the goat looks very tempting to be eaten.

While I am still trying to warn him off taking one of the goats, I see a sign stating that couples who take a picture at the Love Seat will enjoy bountiful romance the whole year.

Now, you see, because of my unending quest to add spice to my marriage, (if you do not know please read my last article) I fall for this as I quickly drag my darling there and we take a picture. Any way, not quite five minutes after the picture was taken, me and my darling have a fight. Oboy, the love seat clearly  isn’t working for us as I expected.

This romance thing e no easy.

It is time to say good bye so I can enjoy the year of the goat with all the dragon dance and all the goodies in terms of massive sale awaiting me. I am taking advantage of the sale at Mac cosmetics as I pretend to want to get some bright, sexy, red lip stick.

I get a full make up done for free, then take a selfie which I am going to post on Facebook again.

Omo this formings is not easy.

Take care and Happy New Year of the goat once again from South East Asia.

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