Chris Rock to address #OscarsSoWhite at show

Chris Rock to address #OscarsSoWhite at show

Chris Rock has no plans to quit as Oscars host in the wake of the ongoing storm over all-white lists of nominees, but is planning to attack privilege in his opening monologue, according to a producer of the 2016 ceremony.

Rock has faced calls to walk away from his second stint as host in protest at the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ failure to nominate a single actor from black or ethnic minority backgrounds for the second year running. But ceremony organisers suggests he will, instead, attempt to address the issue on the night.

“Chris is hard at work. He and his writing staff locked themselves in a room,”Oscars producer Reginald Hudlin told Entertainment Tonight. “As things got a little provocative and exciting, he said, ‘I’m throwing out the show I wrote and writing a new show.’”

Hudlin said audiences next month should expect jokes riffing off the #OscarsSoWhite furore. “The Academy is ready for him to do that,” he added. “They’re excited about him doing that. They know that’s what we need. They know that’s what the public wants, and we deliver what the people want.” Read more


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