Did Chuks Okebata’s wife order his death? – Peju Akande

Did Chuks Okebata’s wife order his death? – Peju Akande

Another one bites the dust!

It’s sad, yet again, as we read about the vicious murder of the Nigerian-born US Veteran, Chuks Okebata in Mbieri town of Mbaitoli Local Government area of Imo state on January 12, 2016!

He was said to have come home to Nigeria for Christmas like many of our eastern brothers and had planned on a lavish house-warming ceremony for his palatial new house. Nothing wrong with that, why should he be murdered in cold blood, in broad day light for that matter?

At first, when he was abducted, his family thought it was just a random kidnap, which most of our naija brothers and sisters who live abroad have come to fear as they are often targets of this crime when they venture back home; however, when Okebata’s bullet-riddled body was discovered after his abduction, his family began to suspect foul play.

Then… a video was leaked on social media by the victim’s sister and thus the theory gained weight, that this was no kidnap gone wrong, Chuks Okebata was assassinated!

Who dunnit?

The victim’s estranged wife?

Bhet why?

They’ve been quarreling before now, so says the victim’s sister. In the video, shot by Okebata himself in their US apartment, we see an on-going altercation between him and his wife; we also see their distraught kids, caught in the fracas between their parents, crying helplessly.

There are several take-aways from this gruesome murder.

First off, is the wife guilty of murder based solely on the video?

No! The fact that he recorded the incident doesn’t absolve him of anything apart from the fact that he exposed himself and family to ridicule, particularly when he began to tell his children to go report their mama to their school teacher.

The kids are being made to suffer in no small measure for their father’s sins. He was sent out by the police and probably warned not to come there ever again! That image of daddy being escorted off the property will remain with them for the rest of their lives!

Their trauma will further be compounded when they learn their father has been brutally murdered! Who can recover from that kind of assault? Add to that their having to learn later in life from their father’s people that their mother paid for the hit!

These are damaged kids already; they will be traumatised for a long, long, time to come; the scars will run deep and be hard to heal and although they may or may not come round to blaming their mum for their father’s death, they will never be at peace with their father’s people unless both parties bury their grievances for their sake.

When couples separate or get divorced; the kids suffer the most as evident in the Okebata kids already. How can you make your children choose between you and your spouse?

It’s nasty, people.

Kids should be neutral, no one parent should use them as pawns to fight the other; it’s been reported that Chuks had been separated from his wife a long time before he even came to Nigeria but it’s obvious the man and his kids bonded well which is probably why they broke down in tears when it became obvious the fight would lead to his arrest.

On the part of the woman, she is marked for life; I honestly hope she didn’t order that hit on her husband as some are claiming.

Or is there money from insurance she hopes to claim? American life insurance claims run into millions and the pay-out can give anyone the desired American dream…go watch CI and IDX on DStv (I know, I know, I spend too much time on that shit.)

I hope this isn’t true either.

If the man is a provider for her kids and their hero and she’s eventually found responsible for this hit? Then she has done herself more harm than she’ll ever know; no amount of money will help her with those kids later on in life. But she’s still not a free woman still, her kids will doubt her for the rest of their lives because that seed has been sown, ‘Did my mama really order the hit on my papa?

When that sort of bad seed is sewn, only God can help you uproot and totally destroy it.

Wifey should try to mend fences with her late husband’s people; right now, they are hurting badly. All parties concerned must bear in mind that couples quarrel, it’s no breaking news; wives have never been known to be thrilled with their in-laws, no news breaker either, but for the sake of these young boys, madam wife, go to your in-laws and make peace. What will you gain from fighting them?

Let their grief ease off a bit, it will never go away; then reach out to them, for the sake of your sons. They are the only ties your kids have with their root- they are Okebatas and will forever remain so.

And to the in-laws, sister- in- law, especially, you’re a woman, too,  you must know it’s  common around this part of the world to blame the wife for the husband’s death, no matter under what circumstance the man dies.

Biko sister, put yourself in your brother’s wife’s shoes and ask if you truly would like to be beaten by your husband and not fight back.

The other angle this murder brings home is this; it has put more fear in the minds of our brothers and sisters living abroad, they see us home people as cannibals, capable of eating our own and destroying destinies that are shining abroad. To use Viola’s speak, our abroading people are scared of coming home; they’ve heard too many stories of how brothers kill their abroading siblings who give money for houses to be built and come home to find nothing on ground; of those who upon returning were jazzed with madness when they discovered their relatives have been chopping their monies instead of funding the projects they had been sending money home for…just too many stories and they have decided to sit tight in obodo oyibo land turn deaf ears to their wailing naija relatives.

Secondly, our abroading brothers need to learn something fast; while it is seen as no police matter here when a man slaps his wife around for bad behaviour, our Naija brothers need to learn that oyibo land is way different. Okebata’s wife called in the police when she couldn’t put up with his beatings anymore…her allegations, not mine. She found her voice in America and got him kicked off his own property! Here’s hoping the case of domestic violence will also be taken as seriously here, too.

I don’t know if Chuks Okebata has been buried; if he has, I say to him, ‘Chuks, the strong son of Okebata from Mbieri town of Mbaitoli Local Government area of Imo state, do not sleep!’

‘Do not remain buried! But go, roam and unearth every one linked to your vicious and untimely death! Root them out and give them no peace, until justice is done!’


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