#CleanerLagos for where? Lagos is dirty joo – Lucia Edafioka

#CleanerLagos for where? Lagos is dirty joo – Lucia Edafioka

Last week we all woke up to the hashtag on twitter, #CleanerLagos and for a long time I was confused. Are they starting a new campaign to clean Lagos or are they telling us Lagos is already clean?


A few tweets down the hole that was the hashtag, I found my answer. They were telling us that Lagos is already clean and the government is making efforts to make it cleaner by providing more trash cans across the lenght and breadth our seventh biggest economy in Africa.

Everybody will agree that Lagos is dirtier than it has ever been in recent times. There are heaps of refuse in almost every junction across our ‘mega city.’ I am already cringing at how much everywhere will become smelly when it starts to rain. I thought that with LAWMA Lagos had unlocked the trick to dealing with refuse? What happened?

There are many theories as to what happened, but from what I gathered, the government is no longer outsourcing to private companies and now wants to handle taking care of refuse in Lagos.

Is there anything the Nigerian government can do well?

But I give them points for even seeing that the city has become dirtier than ever. You’ll think the next thing would be to clean it up? Yeah? Nope. They engaged people to trend hashtags on social media to tell us how the refuse dumps we see daily is a figment of our imagination because Lagos is sparkling clean.

But who do we blame? The citizens of course. Like it was during the last flooding of Lagos, so it is now that Lagos is filled with dirt. Lagosians are clogging up gutters with refuse, Lagosians are dumping their refuse at junctions across the city. Yes, our effective angelic government has nothing to do with this, it’s all on us- unruly, undisciplined people.

But please, it is beg we are begging. We are sorry for dumping refuse everywhere. LASG, find an effective way to keep our ‘mega city’ clean before the rainy season starts. We look forward to experiencing an actual #CleanerLagos.

Thank you for always listening to us.


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