Code of Silence on Iroko TV, gets rave reviews from viewers

Code of Silence on Iroko TV, gets rave reviews from viewers


Just three days after its release on online television,, Code of Silence, the latest directorial effort of moviemaker, Emem Isong is receiving rave reviews on the online platform.

Speaking on the movie which addresses issues surrounding rape and reproductive health, a viewer with the name Dijae said: “The movie was fabulous, , Men should be murdered for raping girls, women, when a girl,/women says no is no kapish, men that are rapist are demons and animals, beasts monsters i can go on and on their weapons of mass disructions need to be eradicated…


Another viewer, yvonnesdavies17 said “Love this movie cried a lot..real men don’t rape” while Angeline, in appreciating the movie and the lead female actor, Makida Moka said: “kudos to the entire cast and crew. Well done to the newest actress”

Code of Silence, full of doses of the comedic in spite of the graveness of the issue it discusses is the story of a teenage University girl who was raped by an old political actor in her community and one of his aids. The rapist did not stop at just defiling the otherwise happy and easy going girl; he threatens death upon her family and friends if she ever reveals the encounter to anyone. Going ahead to break the silence imposed on her by the old man is what spirals into the confusion that hits the community in the aftermath of the evil done the innocent girl.


Gangling Makida Moka who plays Adanma gives a good account of herself in her maiden role as she struggles through repercussion of a forced sexual experience and the apprehensions and stigma that follow.

Others stars in the movie which is directed by Emem Isong are Patience Ozokwor and Amechi Muonagor, both at the comedic core of the movie. The movie also features Desmond Elliot, Ini Edo, Omoni Oboli, and Shawn Faqua. The movie is still showing in all cinemas across the country in addition to Iroko

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