March 20, 2019

Common sense, Olajumoke and Daniel – Nwafor Emmanuel

Common sense, Olajumoke and Daniel – Nwafor Emmanuel

When Senator Ben Bruce started his common sense revolution, many Nigerians tagged him a wailing wailer, a word coined by Femi Adesina. He was seen as the outsider crying more than the bereaved. Therefore, his country men waited for him to shoot himself on the foot. ‎Which he did.

Now this is a senator who started the Silverbird group. Rich to the core and suave looking. Every Aristo’s wish for a sugar daddy.

He started the hashtag #buynaijatogrownaija and tackled his twitter followers and all who listened to his growls to patronise made in Nigeria goods,while still adorning his Italian suits and shoes.

So trouble started when a rabble rouser discovered the Senator published a book of his in the United States and all hell was let loose. The country went gaga with retorts.


“Are there no good publishing companies in Nigeria?”

“What a hypocrite!”

“Cunning man.”

Someone even suggested he traded in his bleaching cream for our locally produced pomade.

We still waiting on the senator to tweet about the issue.

Nigerians and drama.

While we wait on the senator to respond to these issues trying to blackmail him, we stroke our brush to create another shade.

The sudden transformation of Olajumoke, breadseller turned model is indeed one we see in fairytales. The rush to mingle with her by financial institutions and other parastatals is a thing of wonder.


A bank that can’t even give a common man with great ideas a meagre loan suddenly drums support for a breadseller. God is indeed alive.

Now,‎ Daniel Ayodele, a graduate of psychology from the university of Lagos state came out with a classic CGPA of 5.0

This is a feat that many felt would have been blown out of proportion by the world but maybe Daniel’s God who rescued him from the jaws of carry overs and the Goddess of Olajumoke who rescued her from the streets of Lagos have different plans for their wards.

Daniel hasn’t been interviewed by a media house, even one owned by the common sense crooner, based on his feat. Who will blame our talentless youths venturing into the entertainment industry, to seek greener pastures. They have this mentality that if the likes of Dr.Sid, Naeto C :the only MC with a MSC, who have degrees couldn’t get to the peak of their educational profession, but rose in the music industry, how much more them.

Instead of having mentors like Pat Utomi, Ngozi Okonjo, Chimamanda Adichie and Mr. Udom, my maths teacher, you see our youths wanting to be like Wizkid and Davido. Who will blame them?

When a project fame winner carts away ‎millions of naira and a Cowbell competition winner gets a paltry sum of money, cheap computers and outdated books.

Now the naira is falling like raindrops against the dollar  and trust Nigerians to make good use the storm. Price of goods have gone high. Price of foodstuffs ‎too.

I went to the village last weekend and patronised my palm wine supplier. In slow vernacular, he too told me that the price of palm wine has gone high. That the naira was falling.

‎ I wondered if he imported palm trees.

I just looked at him and the tempting frothing jar of palmwine and emptied my wallet.


Everyone is blaming the government of President Buhari. From the common man to the intellectual, Buhari is the cause of the nation’s woes.

The current heat ravaging the country has been attributed to him too and I wonder if he is also in charge of the climatic situation.

Someone even said if the PDP had won that the rainy season would have been here.

Na wa o.

But truth be told, the ruling party wasn’t prepared to rule and their national flops are telltale signs. From padded figures in the 2016 budget, to the gestapo style of the EFCC operatives, political witch hunting and accusing the Judiciary of being corrupt, the list of flops go on.

Citizens are no longer held spell bound by the change mantra.‎ The change abracadabra has since lost its trance.

The minister of information and culture, the Lai, isn’t helping matters with his portfolio. He says one thing after another and lets the nation wonder about his credulity. ‎If he is tired of his portfolio, there is a fresh first class graduate in town. The President should take note.

The Nomadic President also, travelling up and down like he is afraid of his country. Or like we say in Igbo, like one who has boils on his buttocks.

The Vice President who recently found his voice, clamouring that the federal government didnt build any road in the last ten years and they say he is a pastor? Pastor fear God oh.

[9 Things I wish I knew when I was younger – Joy Ehonwa]

It’s all good. What this country needs is different shades of commonsense. We have been bullied and traumatized to a state of swallowing whatever is given to us by our government, hook, line, sinker.

Lets not be fishes so we wouldnt be force fed five thousand loaves from the likes of miracle workers like the Lai and his counterparts in government.

In God we trust and I believe God is always with us.


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