Consume less alcohol – Ministry of Health to Nigerians

Consume less alcohol – Ministry of Health to Nigerians

More Nigerians will die of cancer within the next seven years, a study has revealed. The study, conducted by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Analysis of Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention Policies in Africa Project (ANPPA), spoke of evidence, which point to prevalence of the ailment and others NCDs, like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and Type II diabetes.

The stakeholders also adopted strategies to accelerate response and guidelines towards formulation of policies and interventions on NCDs. An expert from the University of Ibadan, Prof. Oladimeji Oladepo, who led the team of researchers, observed that cancer, an NCD, could kill more than malaria and HIV, previously feared for their higher casualties.

He said this was because the country did not have a strong health system to absorb and treat people well. He said: “Non-communicable diseases kill people, probably more than malaria and HIV put together. So, Nigerians should ensure they do everything to maintain healthy lifestyles by exercising, eating diets that are low in salt, and ensuring they consume less alcohol, or even abstain from alcohol in its entirety.” Read more

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