Could FIFA’s internal reforms distract from football development?

Could FIFA’s internal reforms distract from football development?

As FIFA struggles with internal reforms to clear up a corruption scandal, some within the sport worry that the world governing body could be distracted from its commitment to international development programs. Especially in Africa, football associations that lacked proper offices or quality fields for training and games have seen FIFA projects bring significant improvements.

“In Cape Verde, the football association was sharing a small three-floor building with other sports federations, there was nothing,” Jerome Champagne, former director of international relations for FIFA, told Reuters. “If you got there now to Cape Verde, FIFA built a headquarters with offices, in another wing you have dorms so that people attending courses are able to stay on-site. We convinced the government to restore the national stadium, we put in an artificial field,” he added.

Champagne says the improvements have had a direct impact on the performance of the African country. Read more

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