March 25, 2019

Amazing: Cow eats sheep

Amazing: Cow eats sheep

cow eats sheepA dairy cow on a farm in Nakuru County, Kenya has become a media sensation after it developed a taste for meat.

The owner of the farm, Mr Charles Mamboleo said on Wednesday said he woke up to find the cow feeding on one of his sheep that it had gored to death.

The following day, it fed on another sheep, having given fresh fodder and water in its feeding trough a wide berth.

“After the first incident, we thought the cow was starving, so we increased the supply of fodder and water, but it still continued chasing after sheep,” said Mr Mamboleo.

He expressed fears that his animal could have been bewitched since it had not calved since it was bought.

The farmer’s wife Ms Consepta Kerubo, expressed fear that the animal could start feeding on her children.

But area agricultural officer Albert Kabugi dismissed bewitchment claims, saying there was a possibility the cow lacked some nutrients and minerals found in green grass.

Green grass has been scarce in the county due to drought.

“The dry season, which has just ended, has seen most animals lack minerals found in green grass,” he told

He expressed shock at the development, terming it the only such case ever reported in the region.




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