March 19, 2019

Dad beats 12-year-old son to death for not doing homework

Dad beats 12-year-old son to death for not doing homework

A Nigerian father who was convicted of beating his 12-year-old son to death for not doing homework, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

ZA, 37, will be deported after serving his sentence.

The man rushed his son’s body to hospital one day in April last year telling doctors that he had given his son milk and the boy took ill after that, complaining of stomach pain and vomiting.

Meanwhile, the boy’s private tuition teacher, Pakistani, 52-year-old GI, claimed that she had seen bruises on the boy’s face and body several times. She said that the boy first evaded her questions but later revealed that his dad beats him and added that one day the boy pleaded with her to help him in a subject that she did not teach him. The boy claimed that if she did not help him solve the math, his dad would beat him, the teacher testified.

The boy’s situation was discussed at a school meeting and the father was summoned. He, however, told the supervisor that he wanted his son to excel in his studies because he spend all his money on his education.

The security guard at the building also testified that he had one day heard screams and on checking found the man pushing his son underwater. When he intervened, the man allegedly dismissed him saying he was teaching his son swimming. CCTV footages revealed the dad taking the boy to swimming pool when no one was there and he had a stick with him. Read more


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