March 22, 2019

Daddy Freeze delivers tips on how to raise good daughters

Daddy Freeze delivers tips on how to raise good daughters

Daddy Freeze, who is known as one of the most controversial media personality has taken to social media to reveal rudiments in raising a good daughter.

The On Air Personality, OAP is one of the most outspoken personnel in recent times. He has carved a niche for reprimanding religious leaders and instigating the philosophies on the bible on his followers via social media.

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However, Freeze decided to swerve from religious post this time and chose to talk about gender equality. He shared a video where a lady was indulged in a fight with a man, then he added a lengthy caption on how he is raising his daughter.

According to him, he is raising his daughter to fend for herself and never feel less to anyone.


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Read what he shared on Instagram;

“I raise my daughters to consider themselves equal to men in privileges, opportunities and rights.

If my daughter should slap a man, she CAN never come crying to me, claiming that she was slapped by a man, if she slapped the man first.

As long as what the man gives her is in equal measure to what she gave him, I won’t take her side. This is how I raise my daughters. ~FRZ”

Watch the video below.

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