Daddy Freeze shares his Independence day Message

Daddy Freeze shares his Independence day Message

Activist and pioneer of the online ‘Free the sheeples’ movement, Daddy Freeze shared his independence day message and he took shots against religious leaders for the umpteenth time.

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He shared on his social media account during the early hours of Monday about his desire and the transformation he would earnestly want to see in the country:

Glory be to God whose name most vibrant in the industry in this country generates trillions. At 58 Nigeria deserves more.

He further went on to write the following on the second slide:


My independence day gift to us is my resolve is to religious manipulation and tyranny, in order to make money for more productive sectors, so help me God!”

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The Cool FM OAP has been strongly dissatisfied with the manipulation of religious leaders in the country and wants a form of check and balance for the believers and followers of the gospel. Freeze made it plain that he doesn’t intend to eradicate religion but to simply create a moderate platform for everyone to live a resourceful life.

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