Dear bank boss, your rude staff is costing you customers- Jite Efemuaye

Dear bank boss, your rude staff is costing you customers- Jite Efemuaye

What would frustrate Nigerians enough to switch banks?

Many people don’t care about bank rewards and as much as we like to complain about how much we’re being charged for text messages and how ATM swallowed our cards; they’re not always enough to make us move.

What does? Impolite, rude and uninterested bank staff.

Ever walked into a bank and stood in front of a teller or customer service personnel and it takes forever for them to deign to acknowledge your presence? When the ATM swallowed your card and you wasted your precious airtime (mind you, you get charged for all the ‘please hold’) only to meet a mechanical voice on the other telling you to ‘please go to a branch and have it sorted out’.

Or been told by a bank staff that the reason the money that was debited from your account in error hasn’t been reverted because ‘you didn’t sign your signature well on the complaint form you filled’ after you’ve been to the bank four times in three weeks?


Or, my personal favourite, a bank teller saying, ‘is it this small money you have in your account that’s making you disturb the whole bank?’

And then you discover that the only language that gets you attention and your issues sorted out is when you raise your voice. Like magic the bank manager appears and proceeds to solve a problem that before then seemed unsolvable.

A recent customer loyalty study commissioned by Verint found that although consumers globally trusted banks more than other service providers, only 24% of the 18 000 consumers surveyed in nine countries indicated that their bank delivered good service. 

When consumers were asked what would frustrate them enough to switch banks, there were two “leaders” – impolite, rude or disinterested staff – or too many mistakes, both with 22% globally.

From experience though, there are only very few banks that offer top notch customer service in Nigeria and switching might not always be the answer.

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