Dear Naija politician, God is watching you o – Niran Adedokun

Dear Naija politician, God is watching you o – Niran Adedokun

I have this funny feeling that come judgment day, God will dedicate special moments with politicians and even allocate more time for the Nigerian politician. Politicians world over at adept at doublespeak and selective dishonesty but the Nigerian politician is that and more, he is a gold medalist in the politics that believes in nothing and believes in everything. He is one who is blown away by every little shade of opinion as far as it satisfies some instant interest.

Take the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the current show of shame that its leadership tussle has become. Unable to internalise the dishonorable termination of its 16 years at the helms of affairs in Nigeria last May to any cathartic effect, the PDP is currently being torn apart  by a scramble for the leadership of the party.

By the end of last week, the party boasted of at the least three national chairmen, each claiming a measure of authority to what may as well pass as the most meaningless party chairmanship in a few months, for if the PDP does not watch it, these shameless bickering are going to drive in the last nail into the coffin of Africa’s erstwhile biggest party.


What’s most nauseating about the PDP leadership tussle is that while the coup and counter coup unfolded, Olisa Metuh, spokesperson of the party, who, since the party left power eight months ago, remained the only voice that has defined the essence of the party, was going to court in hand shackles to answer to charges relating to corruption which the APC alleges was the favourite pastime of the PDP in its last  five years in office.

So having had it ingrained into our consciousness by politicians that they ply their trade on behalf of helpless citizens like you and I, one is persuaded to ask these PDP gladiators including governors who cannot agree on the way forward, what the current struggle in their midst is all about. Is there any possibility that gain might accrue to the common man if one of Secondus or Gulak or Oladipo becomes acting chairman of the party? Isn’t this confusion about the ego and gratification of the people involved and their hangers on? To suggest anything contrary would be patently dishonest and ludicrous but then you can’t put anything past these people.

Were the PDP really interested in the people, it would bury every item suggestive of personal aggrandizement in the cart it has shopped with over the past 16 years, unite and  come together to reinvigorate the party, giving the country an opposition as strong as the APC coalition that drove the former out of office in 2015.

But inordinate ambition is opposed to reasoning and when people find themselves in those selfish posts, they care about nothing else but themselves. This is where the PDP is at the moment and nothing in the current scheme of things indicates that selfishness would not deal a serious if not a terminal blow to the PDP. There is no tragedy greater than the inability to learn from a past mistake.

But who cares about the PDP really if not for the fact that Nigeria is going to be the ultimate loser. If the APC perchance fails to deliver on its promise to change Nigeria, where do we find an organised party with fervor and fortitude to speak against the penchant of the APC to overreach and save Nigerians from every from of misgovernance.

This gets more worrisome given the fact that the APC itself is struggling from an internal crisis that most of its members will not own up to even if the cleavages have become obvious in the first few weeks of the administration. The APC, which promised democracy , cannot even be fair to its own members. And in their own case as is with PDP, tther reason is essentially not because the people will benefit from the hard postures but because some entrenched interests think they own us.

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