March 21, 2019

Dear Women; Ask A Guy Out, Don’t be Stuck In The Middle Ages

Dear Women; Ask A Guy Out, Don’t be Stuck In The Middle Ages

Women, listen up.

Who ever said a woman can’t ask a guy out? That it means she’s loose or worse still, desperate? We really need to string that person up and give somebody an ass-whooping they deserve. I’m tired, I’m to the ‘tee, bat-shit-crazy’ tired of seeing women insist on being propositioned first, even when they care first and often, more.

It makes no sense. It does only one thing I assure you, it simply increases the odds you, yes, you hot stuff but strict-much woman, that you won’t find love early or even at all. You’ll probably end up settling for a man who is just a man, not a guy who makes your toes curl and set fire between your thighs.

If I ask a guy out, he’ll take me for granted afterwards

That’s horsepoop (I meant the other word for dump), served throat-searing hot and you shouldn’t still be eating that – if you are sane and a 21st century woman. Men, and I am one, with any sense in their heads NEVER ever ever belittle women who boldly avow their love first. On the contrary, we love them more. Take it from a man.

The fear you feel is a reflection of an age-old lie which really needs to be retired quite soon. But why wait for a referendum and a constitutional amendment before you abandon that feeling. Men, contrary to skewed and contaminated feminist views love strong women, women who take some initiative. Real recognizes real – and so it goes, a weak man wants a weak woman, a strong man, well… you get my point.

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Why not be that strong woman in an age where impetus is so applauded and where really, what you get in love and life, is tied to what you take by yourself.

I’m scared he’ll say no.

Join the billions of men who have gotten rebuffs all their lives dear and still don’t hold back when they see a queen they want. See, rejection is a fact of life. Damn, your parents who caused your birth have probably refused your demands more than you can count but it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Get out and risk something, even if it’s just your ego, and get more; a love you can be proud about.

Really, what does No amount to? I say, if that girl says No to me, her loss. She just passed up on some sweet sweet sauce and what could have been an amazing journey. Be like me, hype your chances and more often than not, you’ll get a yes. And if you don’t, their loss, move on to the next one. We’ve got over 8 billion people alive on the earth. Let that sink in.


There’s no law in any holy book, no section in any law code, no believable precedence that says men were created to proposition women first. It’s more a cultural norm, dare I say anomaly, beaten into the majority of our consciousness. The inactive posture that most women call normal with regard to finding love, is focused on tradition, cooled in the furnace of myth and lore about what is thought of as proper conduct for women, and mirrors a time that really has passed already.



Take charge of the process

Get out there and do more than positon yourself to be seen and approached. Approach that man you like, tell him how cute you think he is and why he needs to let you buy him drink (or whatever he says he likes). Go hard first, then soft pedal a bit. He’ll catch up to you and begin to play his part if he really cares.

If he doesn’t, then you’ve succeeded in whittling down the ones that aren’t good for you, hurrah!

From this day henceforth, become a woman of action, it pays.

Speaking for all fed-up guys and the shy-much crew who think you may be too good for us becase you are so awesome.

Disclaimer: It’s often a complex, not the truth.

I’m a big fan of gender equity; men and women should have the same rights and opportunities open to them, in life and love. Shouldn’t they?


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