May 20, 2018

Desperate HWA: The Naked Truth

Desperate HWA: The Naked Truth

So far, Rhetta has been the only one really concerned about Mrs. Benson’s disappearance. Not surprising, since she’s the only friend she has on Hibiscus Lane (and probably in the whole world; who visits Rhetta apart from men who want to sleep with her?)

Now, Mrs. Benson’s weird sister has arrived. Just as bad-mouthed as Mrs. Benson, she claims to have had an uneasy feeling indicating that her sister, whom she hated, was dead. Soon, the whole of Hibiscus Lane is aware that Mrs. Benson is missing, and when the police find her abandoned car near the spot where Deji buried her, the neighbours all come out for a search. Deji fears he’ll get caught, so he plants Mrs. Benson’s ring, which he dug up, in Larry’s car. Who better to frame for the murder than the newcomer? I don’t even want to think about it.

Desperate Housewives Africa

Ese, who has very reluctantly agreed to take care of Kay until he recovers, totally shocks us by asking the neighbourhood pharmacist, Lekan Phillips (Blossom Chukwujekwu! Bae!!) out on a date. Totally out of character for Mrs. De Souza, but she is separated from her husband and yet she’s stuck with him, and he’ll need constant care for the next few weeks, so woman needs a break from playing nurse, I guess. She tells Leo about his dad’s infidelity, and of course he doesn’t believe his mother. Sigh.

Chuka cannot be released on bail, because his passport has not been found. Except that Kiki has found it, and has set it ablaze to punish her husband for his illegal dealings. Unfortunately she has run out of money, and now has to get a job. If there is a woman alive who would sacrifice the comfort she’s used to just to teach her husband a lesson, that woman is NOT Kiki Obi. She now has to take a small acting job just to survive. Kiki who used to be a superstar! What’s she trying to prove? That she can survive without Chuka’s money? Frankly, this doesn’t make sense, and when she runs out of diesel for the generator, she realizes this and produces the half burnt passport instantly. Dem no dey tell person.

The most hilarious and thought-provoking bit of this episode, however, is the part where Shina goes downstairs to load the washing machine for Funke, and sees Orode in her underwear; she thought everyone was asleep so she decided to wash her nightie which was soiled with baby food. The sight arouses him, and he returns to bed and puts the moves on Funke. She’s game, and they make love. It is only in the morning when Orode’s guilty conscience prompts her to confess that oga saw her half-naked, that Funke realizes what aroused him, and confronts him at dinner. I think its cool that he took the erection Orode gave him to his own wife for fixing, but when Funke catches him looking at Orode’s cleavage a few days later, Shina knows what needs to be done, and does it himself.  Bye bye, Orode. The Lawals are without a nanny once again.

The drama in Tari’s life, ha! I’ll give you the good news first:  Larry said I love you and it was oh so delicious, even though Tari wasn’t quite ready to say it back.

Danladi visits Tari and reveals he is divorcing Halima because he caught her,  red-handed, with another man. As Tari rubs his arm to comfort him, Larry sees them. I was hoping he wouldn’t be bothered. I mean, he’s secure in our love for him, (yes, I’m in their relationship) right? It did though, and he mentions it later, suggesting that Tari still has feelings for Danladi. Danladi also gets himself an invite to Aisha’s birthday, which was supposed to have just Tari, Larry, Aisha and a few of her girlfriends in attendance.  Tari assures Larry that he will see her and Danladi together at the birthday party and see that she no longer has any feelings for him. I just knew this would not end well.

Danladi invites Rhetta, who reveals that she and Danladi had sex when he was still married to Tari. Happy Birthday, Aisha!
However, its an ill wind that blows no good. The next morning, Danladi visits Tari and when he asks for a second chance in her life, Tari realizes to her relief that her feelings for him are truly dead. She leaves him standing there and runs over to Larry’s house to tell him I love you back. Larry returns her kisses with equal passion, and all is well with the world until I remember what Deji did.

How will Larry prove his innocence?


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