May 20, 2018

DesperateHWA: Love and War by Joy Ehonwa

DesperateHWA: Love and War by Joy Ehonwa

This week’s episode was hot! Tai’s parents came over to tell Chuka about the affair. NOT! Hahaha, they got us there. Kiki was relieved that’s not what they came to say. Tai has decided to drop out of University and become a professional personal trainer. His parents are hoping that if anyone can talk him out of it, it’s Kiki. 

Desperate Housewives Africa

Kiki does go to convince Tai, and you won’t believe what has been going on in the boy’s mind. To Tai’s way of thinking, the only thing Chuka could offer Kiki that he could not was security. Now that Chuka doesn’t have that, and Tai is going to be making money running the gym his friend wants to set up, he figures he can offer her not just his heart but the good life as well. The boy actually pulls out a ring and proposes to her! That’s not the worst: the ring was his great grandmother’s, and the Etims soon confront her asking for it. Of course she’s returning it, she says. WHY did she accept it in the first place? How does that make sense? Ugh. At least she manages to make it clear to Tai that they have no future together, and he was just a sweet toy. He finally gets it.

Tari also got a shocker of her own when she caught Akin leaning in to kiss Aisha. Hehehehe, she is now a bonafide mother of a teenager. She tries to talk about it with Deji, but he laughs it off and then tells her he’s sold the house and they’re moving. At least Akin finally got his father’s attention and now Deji knows everything Akin has been remembering (and telling Aisha!), including Ify whom he thinks he killed. Deji handles Tari, affirming that it wasn’t Akin’s fault as he was just a child, and asking for her discretion. Then, because he can’t let the boy go on thinking he killed someone, he reveals to Akin that he didn’t kill anybody, and Ify is still very much alive. We don’t get to hear the full story as he tells it to Akin, but armed with the truth, Akin blackmails his father into letting them remain on Hibiscus Lane. Yep, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Unfortunately for him, he ruins everything by losing his temper with Tari, and is forbidden from ever speaking with or coming close to Aisha again. Of course young love, sweeter than wine, must find a way; our dear Aisha is already sneaking out the window to be with her bobo. You fit laugh?

Over at the Lawal house, it was drama galore. Shina’s father (Kunle Coker) came in from Abeokuta on business and planned to stay a few days with them. When Funke catches him making out with a woman right in their living room  and finds out that Shina and his mum have known about his countless affairs for years  she starts to wonder just how close to the tree this apple fell. I mean, Shina actually tells her his dad is just trying to see if the machine gun still fires. Trust Funke, she packed his bags! Grandpa Lawal leaves earlier than planned, and when Funke calms down later, she makes it clear to Shina that she is not his mother and would take the kids and leave if Shina ever cheated on her. He tells her that he’s not his dad, but the last we see he’s on the phone confiding in his father about something he did and is keeping away from Funke. There will be war!

The de Souza divorce is actually becoming a reality, what with the dividing of assets and liabilities, but Kay suddenly has cold feet. After weeks of quipping at every turn ‘don’t forget we’re getting divorced’,   ‘we’re no longer married’, ‘I’m so happy were getting divorced’, he suddenly develops cold feet and decides he doesn’t want what he thought he wanted. Yeye dey smell. Ese says will consider forgiving Kay after doing to him what he did to her, and Kay admits that this would kill him. Ehen, but when you were doing your own nko? SMH.

Luckily for him Ese is too Catholic to consider adultery at least that’s the impression we get! Besides, who is she going to sleep with? Lekan,  the creepy pharmacist?

Kay believes he’s the only possible candidate and so, fuelled by jealousy, he condescendingly tells Lekan that Ese is out of his league. Wrong button, doc. Lekan does not give him his medication; he lies, saying it’s not ready. Whats he going to do?

Well,  find out next week!


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