DesperateHWA: Sunshine and Clouds

DesperateHWA: Sunshine and Clouds

I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day…! Tari and Larry are well and truly back together! He has asked her to move in with him, even, and arranged a meeting with her mum and Pascal to formally make known his honourable intentions. Rhetta still has her eyes on Larry though, and she was very disappointed to discover that they’re reconciled. She tries to rally the ladies for an “intervention” to keep Tari from moving too fast, but it fails, because they are real friends and she is just an awful frenemy. Shame to bad people!

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Funke has practically become a permanent fixture at Shina’s office, bringing him food, a framed picture of the children and taking him for lunch. She brings a “welcome back” cake for Patrick (remember he had a heart attack) and swears it has nothing to do with monitoring Shina and Amarachi, but we all know better. Well, she really has a lot to worry about now. First she nearly faints when Amarachi is asked to choose a partner for a three-day trip and she chooses Shina. Then, she gets the brilliant idea of taking Amara out of the picture by leading an old colleague to poach Amarachi from Shina’s company, but it backfires. Patrick has a relapse and it is unlikely he is ever coming back, so when Amarachi tells her boss about their rival’s offer, they make her a counter-offer and give her Patrick’s old position. The same Director position Shina has been working hard for, for months. He is understandably angry, verbally attacks his boss, and resigns. At this point, his boss reveals Funke’s role in his being denied the position months ago, and asks him to leave the premises by close of business. Shina is devastated.

Deji drops a box of stuff, and a note for Akin, telling him he realises he’s the one who needs help and he’s going to get it, and that he’s leaving Akin in Agnes Bassey’s care. He then hides a second note telling the boy he didn’t leave him, and asking for a meeting on Thursday night at the park; a note that Akin, sadly, never sees. Agnes finds it and crumples it. When Larry comes over to ask if she knows where Deji is, Agnes invites him in for lunch, shows him Esther Benson’s journal and tells him where to find Deji on Thursday night. Larry tells Tari he’s going to attend to a plumbing job, but she comes across the journal and decides to stalk him. Luckily she fails, and isn’t there to see Larry punch an unsuspecting Deji in the face.

Desperate Housewives Africa

Remember last week Chuka blamed Kiki’s pregnancy on Mama Obi, and she bought it? Well, it didn’t last. She sees the dates the pills were ordered and realises that Mama was already in a coma by then, so it couldn’t have been her. It was certainly her husband’s doing. She tells Chuka, who is still denying it, that she is leaving him. She packs one bag for the night, since he would be leaving for jail the next day, and when he tries to stop her, saying the baby needs its mother and father, she drops the bombshell. “What gives you reason to think that this child is yours?”

As she drove off, Chuka stole Rhetta’s car and drove after her, violating house arrest and leaving Rhetta yelling “are you mad?!” She goes to Tai’s place but only Ayo is home. She tells him she just left her husband, and we see them both outside the building hugging. Chuka sees them too, and as soon as Kiki leaves he goes in and gives Ayo the beating of his life, unaware that he had the wrong guy. The policemen who were supervising him on house arrest barge in and arrest him, and Ayo reveals he is impotent as a result of an accident he had 3 years ago and couldn’t possibly have slept with Kiki. If this case goes to court, Chuka will be in jail for a very long time. Unfortunately for him, Kiki is not ready to help him get off.

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I wasn’t surprised to see that Ese’s plan to carry on a secret platonic relationship with Lekan didn’t seem to be working out so well. She freaks out when he has an erection while they’re playing at the beach, and finally realises that Kay was right about Lekan’s feelings for her all along. Feeling betrayed, she ends the friendship, but Lekan still finds a way to deal one last blow. He sneaks into their home (weird, seeing as we are not oyinbo people who do not lock their doors) and finds their sex videos while sniffing Ese’s underwear. He then deceives her, telling her that Kay discussed their sex life with his fellow doctors at the hospital, and that they’re all talking and laughing about it. Ese accuses an innocent Kay, and he has a second heart attack while trying to defend himself. The worst part is that she doesn’t believe him when he says he’s having a heart attack, not even when Katherine finds her father in pain downstairs and runs to tell her. Ese calmly stays behind to make the bed, before taking him to the hospital. This Lekan creep is nothing but bad, bad news.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Laolu just moved out of Hibiscus Lane, although none of the residents even noticed them leave. The neighbours do not notice when a woman and her teenage son move into the house, either. I smell more drama!


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