July 23, 2018

DesperateHWA: Things We Do For Love

DesperateHWA: Things We Do For Love

Tari’s mum is getting married! Yep, Pascal decided he couldn’t live without her, and came back to propose to her. We hope this means we’ve seen the last of her on Hibiscus Lane. She hasn’t added any value as far as we can see. Well, until she was just about to leave. She told Tari about her chat with Larry, and that someone close to him just died. If you see the way hope sprang in me! Bait of life for a softie like Tari! I was just chanting, “Tari, bite! Tari, bite!” Well done, Furo George, oya come and be going mummy…

Mothers; if they’re not mending broken relationships in life, they’re doing it from the grave – whether or not they want to. When Kiki accuses Chuka of tampering with her birth control pills, he denies it and suggests it was Mama’s doing. Kiki buys Chuka’s story and he is happy. Tai, on the other hand, isn’t so happy when Kiki tells him she was pregnant and it might be his. He is immediately worried about supporting a child, but she assures him he has nothing to worry about as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Does the boy hear word? No. He comes by the house and very nearly tells Chuka everything! It was all so comical, Chuka in the bedroom dancing while Kiki tried to restrain Tai from going up the stairs. That was such a narrow escape for Kiki though, and I’m actually worried for her. What will happen when she’s not around to keep Tai from being stupid?

[DesperateHWA: Betrayal is stinking out Hibiscus Lane]

Funke brings something very important to Shina’s attention: they haven’t made love in 10 days. He promises they’ll do it that night. Amara drops by just then, and Funke, in a drab boubou, eyes her lovely outfit. In the evening, she barely has time to shoo the children off to bed before Shina arrives. She jumps on him and they start making out but they’re interrupted…twice. First, Shina is put off by the smell of baby vomit on Funke, and just when they manage to get past that, the baby wakes up and starts crying. Bye-bye sexy time. It certainly doesn’t help that Amarachi is always there to “remind Shina of what Funke is not”. Even the naughty outfit Funke puts on to wait for Shina, she ends up falling asleep in. Shina comes home with a guest and they see her in her sexy maid outfit. Chai! Shina makes it up to her though, giving her a fantasy-turned-reality so hilariously delicious she won’t forget it in a long time. Husband of the Year!

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Rhetta sees Ese and Lekan enjoying each other’s company over lunch, and in fact with the guilty look on Ese’s face you can make that “caught”. Again, Ese has bigger things to worry about, not least of which is the fact that Kay says his health is worse than ever. Still, she finds time to let Rhetta know that Lekan is just a friend and that they have meaningful talks, nothing more. Haha, emotional affairs are the trickiest, and Rhetta makes sure she points this out.

Deji finds out about Akin’s meetings with Agnes Bassey and tells her he doesn’t like it. He starts drugging the boy, with a view to having him totally unaware by the time they leave Hibiscus Lane. He starts to pack, but then Agnes Bassey sneaks in when he’s not around and takes Akin to her house, leaving a note telling Deji the boy is with her. When he goes over to get his son, Agnes shows him copies of Mrs. Benson’s diary and tells him she knows everything, even the fact that he and Rume stole a baby boy, and that he murdered her sister. She wants him to pack up, leave town and change his name, leaving Akin to be raised by her. I hope Deji doesn’t kill her too.

Did I tell you that when Tari eventually decided to hire a private investigator to look into the Deji matter – she suspects him of last week’s fire in her kitchen, amongst other more important things – she hired the SAME guy Deji hired before? Of course that one just went and advised Deji to pack up and flee town. Deji admits that Akin would be a problem as he doesn’t want to move, and they both agree to package something for Tari that would throw her off Deji’s scent for a while. This package is essentially a confirmation of Deji’s lies about the reasons for Rume’s change of name, and about Ify being a baby girl who died. Before paying the investigator his balance for this load of nonsense, she gives him another assignment: to dig into Larry’s past. He delivers the info she needs in a file, in which she finds out that Larry did in fact kill a man. She also finds a picture of Francesca, whom she met before at Larry’s.

You probably figured they saved the best for last. Tari visits with Francesca and her father, and even though chief does his best to paint Larry black so that Tari doesn’t go running back to him and distracting him from his work, Francesca’s heart can’t take it. She runs after Tari and tells her the truth: Larry was not a drug dealer. It was her sister, his girlfriend, who was. Larry tried in vain to get the girl to break the habit. The bouncer who died was an idiot whom Larry found out trying to trade drugs for sex. They got in a fight and the bouncer fell on his own knife. Larry went to jail for trying to save the woman he loved. Larry does have a good heart as we suspected all along. Tari melted. I melted. She ran straight back into his arms while I ran all around my living room.

Oh, it was a good day on Hibiscus Lane!

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