Destructive Monkeys overrun Chinese Village

Destructive Monkeys overrun Chinese Village

A CHINESE village has become besieged by monkeys after a plan to woo tourists backfired in a spectacular way.

And now terrorised locals are dealing with the catastrophic fallout of their ill-fated tourism strategy.

It all started in 2003, when a small troop of macaques were introduced to Xianfeng village in China’s southwestern Sichuan Province in a bid to attract tourism, China’s state-run CCTV News reported.

Villagers spent about seven weeks transporting 73 rhesus macaques from a nearby mountain range under the plan masterminded by Xianfeng Village party secretary He Youliang.

“Luring the monkeys wasn’t easy,” Mr He previously said of the mission.

“We spent weeks throwing food onto the road leading to the village and were sometimes able to bring the macaques two or three kilometres closer.

“But whenever they became frightened they would run back into the mountains.” Read more

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