Diabetes causes 1 million amputations every year – Dr Afoke

Diabetes causes 1 million amputations every year – Dr Afoke

Due to the high consumption of sugar, over one million people fall victim to leg amputation, with one out of every 10 Nigerians likely to be victims of diabetes, a Consultant, Endocrinologist, Dr. AfokeIsiavwe has said. She said with about 50 per cent of the population unaware they were living with diabetes, there was need for everyone to avoid the risk factors of the scourge, which she said could lead to amputation.

“Worldwide over one million amputations occur with people with diabetes every year and every second, a limb is lost to diabetes. Patients with diabetes are at 15 – 40 folds higher risk of a lower limb amputation than non-diabetic patients,” she said.

While speaking at the World Diabetes Day held recently in Lagos, she stressed that research shows that about half of newly presented patients with type II diabetes already have one or more complications like foot problem, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney and eye problem, at diagnosis due to late presentation.” Read more

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