June 20, 2018



And so we spent our first night together at her place but by the time I woke up the next morning, Cynthia was not in bed beside me.

If it was my house, I would have thought she was one of those babes who don’t like a man to see them awake in the morning with all the fefe-riti gone. But this wasn’t my house.cynthia

I picked up my discarded boxers then pottered into the bathroom. I hadn’t noticed it the night before but her room and bathroom were done up in mauve accents and the over-all effect was cool and mature.
I took a pee then washed my hands and made it back to her room. Looking at my bare torso in the mirror I realised I needed to pull something on. I looked around but I couldn’t find my vest. I must have flung it away into an obscure corner in the heat of the moment or maybe, she had hung it up some place.

The moment I pulled the door open I was hit by a blast of frying things and following my nose, I found my way to the kitchen .

The door was open and Cynthia was the one cooking, music issuing out from a small cd player on the counter.

I watched her swaying as she stirred something in the pan. Her hair was a tousled mess and she had nothing on save my vest, a black coloured wife-beater that showed off side boob.

I couldn’t see her face but watching her profile, tousled hair, side boob and short vest that showed off her long legs I was a man lost in lust.

Careful not to let her know I was in the kitchen I started tip-toeing across but half way through she said “Why steal what is yours ?” And then she turned to me and laughed her powerful laugh.

“You knew I was standing there” I said taking her into my arms.
“And I was wondering when you would be done with your inspection,” she said stirring the omelette in the pan.
“You look lovely,” I said nuzzling her neck.
“Lovely? With this tousled hair and rags,”
“You call my vest a rag?”
“Vest ke.  You mean singlet?” she said and we both laughed.
You have a yucky mouth, you know.  And I am going to wash it out.”
“With what?”
“My tongue” I said and kissed her. She kissed me back and I could taste salt and eggs and something else I couldn’t quite place.
“I hope this food tastes as sweet as it smells” I told her when our embrace broke.
“Everything I do tastes nice,” she told me and there was that naughty smile again.
“Including this?” I said sliding my hand up her thigh to her confluence. She had nothing on.

“You tell me,” she said and wriggled away.

Bread broken and rested we stepped into the shower together. I was surprised and intrigued at the ease with which she interacted with me. Most women would be all coy and all fake modesty. But not Cynthia; she  stripped in front of me, let me scrub her back and then after we had washed off the soap, kissed me in the tub.

‘Are you up to it,” she said as she led me to her bed, our bodies wet and dripping water.

“Sure, but I ran out of condoms. Have you got any?”

“Then I will have all the fun,” she said pushing me down on the bed.

She pulled open her drawer and pulled out a purple object with a funny head.

“Can you work this,” she asked that naughty smile in place.

“A vibrator?” I asked and she nodded.

“Where did you buy that?” I asked as I turned on the knob and it began to buzz.

“Intimate pleasures,” she said as she lay back and spread her legs wide open.


Keep a date next Friday.


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