March 19, 2019

Did you hear that Lagos is the fourth wealthiest city in Africa? – Ella Temisan

Did you hear that Lagos is the fourth wealthiest city in Africa? – Ella Temisan


Hey guys, did you guys hear that Lagos, yes, our own Eko, is the fourth wealthiest city in Africa?


According to a report by Africa Property News, our Lagos came fourth behind Cairo, Johannesburg and Cape Town, in that order.



But with the amount of wealth in Lagos, I am even surprised the city didn’t make it to the top three spots.


I mean, is it not in this Lagos that people spend millions of Naira on booze in a night? It is this same Lagos that luxury estates are sprouting faster than grass and every other person owns an expensive car.


There’s money in this Lagos! I am convinced that the reason Lagos is even fourth is that some people can’t declare their assets or put their money in a bank (you know what I mean nah).


Anyway, so I was thinking, from the list put up, what do the top cities have that Lagos doesn’t have?


The most glaring is electricity. With all the money in Lagos, the government still haven’t found a way to provide basic electricity for the people.


Businesses spend half their profits buying diesel or fuel. I know electricity is a national problem but for all the money Lagos is raking in from taxes and other ventures, we still can’t have electricity.


What makes this even worse is that the rich and upper-middle-class have found a solution to their problem.


Half the estates on the Lagos Island have their own electricity supply, mostly from those massive generators that cost an arm and a leg, but residents of those estates enjoy 18-24 hours’ steady power supply.


So who cares about the people who can’t afford to pay N50,000-N100,000 for power supply every month? Those who can’t afford the massive generating sets?


After electricity, let’s take look at the housing problems in Lagos.


Every big city has battled with housing problems at one point or the other; people are always coming in to look for jobs and that escalates the housing issues.


But the situation with Lagos is quite different. The government simply doesn’t care.


Since 1999, which government in Lagos State has actually followed through with providing housing for Lagosians?


Private investors saw a gap in the housing sector and promptly filled it. This is why we have these empty luxury estates that the average Lagosian cannot afford, everywhere.


Even when private individuals build their houses, there is no central plan. Any Tom, Dick, and Mary with money, buys a piece of land and starts building anywhere. Then we wonder why the ocean is trying to swallow us.


Should we talk about the horrible roads? Or the senseless traffic? Our weak institutions?


Even stable water supply is a problem.


What am I even saying when to keep the city clean is now rocket science?


Yes, Lagos is a wealthy city but who is the wealth serving?


Now that the governorship election is around the corner, remember to vote wisely o! It is not by photo-ops and filling every inch of the city with posters. Show us your manifesto and let us decide for ourselves.

Thank you.



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