Why Nigeria Still Has A Long Way To Go On Digital Migration

Why Nigeria Still Has A Long Way To Go On Digital Migration

Experts have said that three major factors must be put in place for a successful digital migration as planned by the federal government: local content development, favourable legislation and policies, and adequate funding. It is also believed that the migration from analogue to digital can only come to fruition with the right amount of political will.

A major bottleneck that has been highlighted is the case of infrastructure, power and broadband.

At the 10th edition of the yearly NigeriaCom conference in Lagos, it was agreed among the experts that the government remains the principal factor in digital migration through fiscal regulations, private sector partnerships, affordable broadband services and improved infrastructures.

Emphasizing this point in terms of local video content, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Pipul TV, Benjamin Okoroafor said, “Digital broadcasting boils down to content, market, and quality of service by Telcos providers. Local content as at now is still not sufficient for the digital broadcasting. There are no local cartoons for children in Nigeria TV and this is a big vacuum already. Children are then coerced to watch western cartoon and indirectly imbibe their culture and behaviour. All the cartoons on the PayTV are foreign and had no link to Africa in anyway.

“If we cannot have a local equivalent quality teen or children channel, then there is a big challenge. Content has to go more local. We need to improve quality to attract people,”

Regional Director, West Africa, Boomplay Music, Oye Akideinde, highlighted insufficient government policy support, and poor investment environment. He said, “Connectivity is still poor and expensive and we are trying to enforce people to go digital. Why is service still poor? It is simply government regulation. Despite the growth rate, Nigeria is slow at picking things up. It is not a crime to have a better technology system in this country. It is about investment but many businesses believe if they invest more they won’t get the estimated profit because of the unstable economic system.”


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