What did Dino Melaye do wrong, please? Niran Adedokun

What did Dino Melaye do wrong, please?  Niran Adedokun

I have read so much about the altercation between Senators Dino Melaye and Oluremi Tinubu  but I fail to see what the fuzz is all about. Has the Kogi West Senator done anything out of character? I don’t think so. It is either most commentators on this issue have selected amnesia or are merely playing to the gallery.

Since Melaye gained public attention when he became a member of the House of Representatives in 2007, nothing has characterised his personality like controversy.  As chair of the Information Committee in the house, Melaye allied with the Patricia Etteh Speakership when allegations of corruption were made against her by the Integrity Group led by Hon Farok Lawan. Lawan himself would later be caught in the web of corruption when he was accused of receiving gratification to manipulate the report of a probe panel he headed.

After the Fight
After the Fight

Melaye did everything he could to see that Etteh stayed in office. He abused people, he cursed them, he fought and even threw chairs but at the end of the day, his group lost out and he bagged a suspension from the house for misconduct. The Dimeji Bankole leadership of the house had no peace courtesy of the Kogi State born politician.

For the years while he was on political sabbatical, Melaye made sure Nigerians did not forget him by engaging in all sorts. He once set up a non-governmental organisation with which he claimed to have been fighting corruption. It was also within this period that stories about wife beating and the rejection of the pregnancy of a popular actress among others surfaced.

The Activist
The Activist

Then Kogi people in their wisdom elected him Senator in 2015.

And since he became Senator, he has grabbed the headlines for different reasons. The other day, he suggested that women were a mere commodity that could be purchased in the stores while managing to flaunt his unflinching loyalty to the leadership of Senator Bukola Saraki at us, just like he did with Mrs. Etteh.

He has paraded his stupendous assets before our hungry faces without a care about what we feel. He says what his mind tells him without much communication with any other part of his anatomy, so what exactly do people not know about this flamboyant Senator to make us lose sleep over his alleged threat against Senator, Tinubu . What name would you call him that he hasn’t called himself, what offence will you accuse him of that he has not taken a preemptive guilty plea of? So, again, I ask, what is all the fuzz about.

The Car freak
The Car freak

I think it is the other party in the rancor that we need to make some efforts to understand a little better. A two-time governor’s wife, mother and senator in her own right, Senator Tinubu has on one or two occasions, also shown us that she is no pushover as far as throwing tantrums is concerned.

You will recall that a lady senator refused to shake hands with Senate President Bukola Saraki sometime last year? That lady is Oluremi Tinubu. Remember another instance when she was caught on camera encouraging rebellion against the 7th senate’s insistence on accepting the ministerial nomination of Senator Musliu Obanikoro?

In addition, the lady is the wife of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, who in spite of the absence of any clear proof, is believed to be behind the All Progressive Congress (APC) opposition to Saraki’s emergence as President of the Senate. Without doubt therefore, some proxy war has been on between the two. This, to my mind is a clear red flag for one side to avoid the other unless you were hoping for the kind of civil war that we saw last week.

Senator Tinubu seems to know what Nigerians do not know about Melaye and she audaciously said that to his face at the executive session as the latter claimed in his press conference on Thursday. The Kogi Senator claimed that Tinubu called him ‘a thug and then a dog’. People say events following the exchange proved Mrs. Tinubu right and I agree. What does a thug do but fight without discretion, not minding whether he is beating a woman or a man or whether the woman is menopausal or adolescent?

And a dog?  A dog could be temperamental; it could howl or bark and even go on to bite depending on which side of its sore you hit. In addition to that, the dog’s libido is ever inordinate such that it could even seek coital bliss from the one who gave him birth.

So if you know a man who has those tendencies, I suggest that it is inappropriate to say it before his friends, not to talk of calling him those names to his face. When you do that, you are most likely flinging the gate open for the unleashing of the dragon and a manifestation of what you have pronounced open. Grandmothers and fathers should not be found in situations like this. That is the truth of the matter.

God help Nigerian politicians.

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