May 22, 2018

Do mothers need escape routes? If yes what’s yours? – Tee

Do mothers need escape routes? If yes what’s yours? – Tee

As mothers, I think we should all have an escape route sometimes, what do you think?

Well we should. I have two babies; a soon to be 3 years old daughter and a one year three months old son. The standard every day for them: is to follow mama everywhere like bees following honey.
Meaning: if I go to the room they are right behind me. If I go to the kitchen they follow as I clean they unclean. It can be a very sweet thing as a mother but also a nightmare. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out and just scream my head off. Another nightmare of motherhood is, for instance, when you finally get the younger one to sleep then 10 minutes later he is up because he has poop in his diaper and he is uncomfortable, oh lawd! After changing to a new diaper you know within you that even though you try, sleep has long left your sweetheart as he smiles from tooth to tooth, energetic as usual destroying everything in his way.  Well since I haven’t had the opportunity to run away for a few days all by myself I have found an escape route: guess where?toilet
The toilet. I quickly run to the toilet and make sure I lock it with a key because if it’s not locked trust that my daughter would open it and aid her younger brother, as they turn the toilet into their play ground, as soon as they are satisfied that, aliens haven’t abducted their mother. Now ask me my brothers and sisters: how can one do number two when you have kids running around who don’t care whether the whole place stinks or not?
Well, till I eventually go on a two weeks ship cruise all by myself, without the kids, the toilet has become my Escape route. I cherish the moments I can steal some time away in the toilet, where I can just sit down for 30 minutes and regain my sanity. I just wish I could stay there for, like, three hours but that’s impossible.

Another escape route can be lunch, or coffee or dinner with the girls. I love these opportunities and try to participate in them as regularly as I can. Sometimes it may be hard to find the time as one is always busy but one must try.

Note: I did not say that I dislike motherhood or that it is a bad thing, I am just saying that it is a hard, fulfilling job and mothers all over the world should have an escape route once in a while.

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Mothers all over the world shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that they are tired sometimes and need some time alone.
Mothers shouldn’t be ashamed of feeding their kids easy food like cereal or bread because they are tired and can’t prepare a proper meal. (I am guilty of that sometimes).
I am not ashamed to say it; I love my kids dearly but I also need an escape route. This doesn’t make me a bad mother. I love the opportunity of being in my kids lives everyday, almost all the time, watching them as they grow, and this makes me stronger.
Please if you have escape routes share, maybe yours could be in your bedroom,  a friend’s house, or under that guava tree, anywhere you can actually clear your mind, think and reflect is your Escape route. If you don’t have one please look for one before you collapse.
Take care and greetings from my favorite escape route; the toilet.

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  1. Biodun

    I have been known to dash into my room with them chasing at top speed. I lock up and wait for the banging and wailing to stop. They go back to their cartoon, I lie on the bed, feet up on the cot railing, browsing and chewing m& Ms for abt 30mins……

  2. Swat

    I am never ashamed to say I am tired, want to run mad of run away. I have even resented them many a time, then felt guilty. It is truly important to find a way and some time to take a break from it all. But what if you can’t afford to get away or have no girlfriends at the moment to hang out with?


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