March 20, 2019

Do you suffer from Facebook envy? – Emeka Nwolisa

Do you suffer from Facebook envy? – Emeka Nwolisa


The social media has come to stay and is holding the world by the balls. I mean Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Leave the others…dem be waka pass.


The social media has really made the world a small village. One bobo in AJ City can put up a post and have people commenting from nearly every continent on planet earth.


Instantly, that obscure bobo can become a celebrity because of a post that went viral. That is the power of social media.


Awesome, isn’t it?

With social media comes a new generation of diagnoses.


Twaale  for  medical people…we no dey carry last.

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So the question I have for you today is: are you suffering from Facebook envy?


Don’t know what am talking about? Just chill, I will try my best to explain.


Facebook envy is the painful feeling you get when you see your friends on the platform and feel that their lives are much more interesting, joyful and worthwhile than yours can ever be.


This tends to occur because people keep comparing their lives with that of others, using their posts and updates on Facebook as a yardstick.


This envy can set off emotions of anguish and loneliness and the magnitude can be massive. It is believed that one in three people have a feeling of envy after going through Facebook and feel disappointed with their lives.


This condition manifests more in people who fall into the class of monitoring spirits.


Monitoring spirits kwa?


Oh ok… they are those people who jump in and out of Facebook to view pictures, updates and posts but will never make a comment or interact with the poster.


They are simply ghosts… seeing everything but they are not seen nor heard.


Envy on Facebook leads to an ‘envy spiral.’


That is, those who are envious of others would often go ahead and load up their timelines with pictures and updates statuses that will further make others envious.


Most of the time, these updates are not real. This envy drives people to make daring, and sometimes, risky post, all aimed at garnering massive likes and comments.


Daring selfies, filtered photos and make-believe achievements all join in creating the spiraling ring of envy.


The bottom line is that all na wash.


Several happy marriages only exist on Facebook. In real life, it is a cat and dog thing.


Several celebrated achievements do not exist in real life. They are only true on Zukerville.


Some of the properties shown are really known as borrow-pose.


So why kill yourself because of things that do not exist?


A researcher on social media once stated:


‘Facebook was devised to raise people’s happiness levels by making social interactions easy. But in truth, it does just the reverse. Envy on Facebook, in its ubiquitous presence, sabotage the life satisfaction of users.’


The key to overcoming Facebook envy is to stop playing the monitoring spirit and using it to spy on your family and friends’ lives.

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Instead, use it as a social network platform where you share your own information, photos, and updates, as well as consume others’ updates and shares.


Remember always to remember that most of the things happening on Zukerville na wash.

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