March 20, 2019

Labia: Do your labia get longer the more sex you have?

Labia: Do your labia get longer the more sex you have?

‘Are my labia wrong somehow?’

Back when we were at school, we were asked to come up to the board one by one and write down a slang word we’d heard describing vaginas – or vulvas if we’re being specific.


Wizard’s sleeve, beef curtains, vertical bacon sandwich, ham wallet; we got the lot. You’ll notice though, if you’re the owner of said genitalia that:

1.  these words tend to refer to your labia

2. tends to be said in a derogatory way.


This starts the thoughts off young: ‘Are my labia wrong somehow?’.  Throw in the comments about sausages up driveways and people being ‘loose’ and you’ve got a fully-fledged complex, my friend. At Getting Freaky we’ve looked at all sorts of – frankly, f***ed up – things.



In comparison this is tame, but it’s a sexual misconception that’s been touted for generations, and it’s having detrimental effects on women as a result.

It only takes one glance at the badwomensanatomy subreddit to realise that plenty of adults still believe that your labia are less like body parts and more like elastic bands that lose their give with more use, becoming longer each time.

These same adults may also believe that your vaginal canal can become wider or looser with more use. Some even think that if you have sex with someone with a larger penis, you ‘mould’ to the shape of it and can no longer accommodate different shaped or sized penises.

Safe to say, this is all completely untrue. Let’s look at labia in particular. There were reports in 2016 of a 39% spike in women getting labiaplasty, which could be for a number of reasons, but is no doubt rooted in some sort of idea that our labia are not ‘normal.’  Read more


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