March 20, 2019

Does Buhari deserve a second term? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Does Buhari deserve a second term? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



It is that time of our calendar again! And I am not talking about the Yuletide season that has crept up on us.


I am talking about the Nigerian general elections which are just two months away from now.


Men, like play like play, President Muhammadu Buhari aka Boo-hari, is rounding up his first tenure.



Now, do not get offended about the Boo instead of Bu. It is not my fault. Wasn’t he booed when he was presenting the budget a few days ago?


Ok, I guess that was a cheap shot but what do you expect though? If you have followed my column for close to four years, then you know that I was never impressed by the incumbent. I never believed he was the best man for the job, neither did I believe he had the mental capacity to steer this country.


But not my will but the will of the majority of Nigerians was done.


Sai Baba came in and some people held their breaths. I didn’t.


I told myself in the aftermath of the elections that if ever he turned out to be exactly what this country needed, I would swallow my words and admit openly that I was wrong about him.


Because what matters the most at the end of the day is that Nigeria becomes a better country and our quality of life improves.


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And this is the point where we usually all miss it.


The most important thing is not that a Christian or a Muslim or an Igbo or a Nupe man is at the helm of affairs in this country.


All we want is a better life, that’s all.


A conducive atmosphere to eke out a living; a secure place to raise our children; a good education and affordable healthcare are in the center of it all.


So whether he wears Aso Oke or Baban Riga or Ishi Agu with a red cap, or a soft cap that bends to the side or a bowler hat or even the northern styled cap or goes bald-headed, our basic needs remain the same.


And a lot of people gave Buhari this chance. I watched people from all parts of this country keep their differences aside to give the incorruptible man from Daura a chance.

But what happened after he got into power?


He turned out to be nepotic, tribalistic and insensitive though these things are not the worst of who Buhari has turned out to be.


The worst, by far, is his inability to coherently lead this great nation. Almost every time he spoke off the cuff, gaffes were everywhere.


Our economy may have been wallowing in the baby section of the swimming pool, but with Buhari, our economy suddenly gained the expertise of a veteran diver.


It perched on the edge of the ship and dived right into the deepest part of the ocean. You know those leagues under the sea that you begin to see strange fishes with lights all over them, adapted because of how dark the terrain is.




When I say this, you do know it doesn’t apply to the people in his government. To be a vice president or presidential spokesperson or even Twitter attack dog is not ‘beans’.


The perks are akin to wearing the softest and warmest blanket in a house insulated from the coldest winter night. You cannot relate with the person who cannot afford to turn up the heat and be battling with cold despite being under several layers of frayed clothing.


So, of course, Chris Ngige will say that we should be thanking Buhari. Of course, Tolu Ogunlesi will say that the sun rises and sets from the rectal cavity of his oga.


Lauretta Onochie cannot say the truth when her mouth is full of the spirits (and I don’t mean ghosts o, I am referring to the bottled kind) that her job has afforded her.




The records are all saying something.


The unemployment rate grew wings.


We became the poverty capital of the world.


Despite how hard the government works to hide their failure in the North East, it still filters out. Recently, over a hundred soldiers were reported to have been killed by Boko Haram.


This is inconvenient for a government that desperately needs to have achieved something to justify a second term. So, private burials and classifying casualty figures have set in.


The brutality of the Fulani herdsmen terrorized the Middle Belt with a ferocious intensity from Buhari’s first year, though I am sure he is quite grateful that they seem to have called a ceasefire to allow him to campaign well. Armed militias complete with their own taxation company have taken over parts of Sokoto State.


We Nigerians are paying more for PMS as the government supposedly scrapped fuel subsidy payments. But guess what? Apparently, they are doling out more money than what was being paid when the former government subsidized fuel.


This kind of juju baffles me.


There is nothing that has remained at the same price since Boo came into power. I am not talking about single-digit percentage increase here.


I am talking about double digits. I used to buy a paint bucket of flour at N500. It is now N800. More than a 50% jump. Money now has very little value.


And because there is a high unemployment rate and a lot of people are struggling, crime has increased.


Babies are being stolen and sold at a frequency that is scary. Ritual killings happen daily. I mean, mostly women are being sliced up so that someone, somewhere, can make money. I don’t want to go into my personal experiences… let me not spoil my laptop with hot tears. But I have to admit that the last three years have been pretty hard.


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So what has Buhari done that has bettered our country?


How has the ordinary man been impacted?


Can we honestly say that things are shaping up and we are beginning to see that there is hope?


Even the fight against corruption is such a laugh. Kano Gov., Ganduje has not missed a step in his stride. For he whom APC declares holy is holy indeed.


Nothing go happen.


The big question for me is why some people say they want Buhari back?


I really don’t get it.


Nothing he has done says he will do better in the next tenure.


If this first term defines what he meant by ‘Change’, then I am afraid of what his ‘Next Level’ holds.


To end this, I have to say I am not angry at Buhari. He is doing what he can do though it is woefully inadequate.


I am angry more at the people around him, starting with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. That they can see his disastrous first term as worthy of another term tells me something about who they are.



And I am angered because I know that they know that he is not the best Nigeria has to offer.


I am not ecstatic about the major opposition candidate, Atiku Abubakar either. I will be honest, it is not because I know of any reason why he is ill-suited for the job.


My problem is that he has a stern face. Having said that, I believe the choices we have in February are tough ones and we must all vote carefully.



Merry Christmas guys.


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  1. Adeola adaramola

    I’m a regular reader of your post. Please, The mess in this country cannot be cleared in 4 years. I didn’t vote Buhari in but I can tell you that his slow stride though painful is in right direction. Singapore, former smelling Barbour in the 60s now is a beautiful working nation.mark it the whole western world was against them when they were trying to get it right. Human right org and co. Today most of the tourists are from these same nation that earlier castigated them. ITgat was over 33 years ago. I learnt that they even cane to Nigeria in 1965 to see how we were doing. Don’t be shocked, their submission confirmed what you and I are witnessing today. So they decided to look inwards trusting hardworking and honest y , I’m not saying that are perfect but their system is working for them. One party for over 30 years. Same for South Korea, and Ruwanda. All these nations did not get there in 5 years. You are a reader, try to get a copy of Condeliser Rice former USA secretary book on why nations failed.. we must learn how to plant, nurture and get the reward. Go to Malaysia, study their progressive history and you will see how they delay gratification in order to grow their own things. We are consuming nation . Esau mentally. We don’t want to know how the meal is prepared but as long as it is beautiful and smell nice we can paid anything for it. Why can we norture our own games.? This is something I can see in this govt that I think should be commended. I went to a supermarket in my neighborhood , for the first time in my 17 years in this community, 95% of the rice in heavy bags of 25 and 50 kg are from Nigeria. Hold it there. That means our rice farmers are busy…it may not be perfect but we will get there if we can persist. The packaging company for the bags for the rice are also busy. What about the printing company? This is a whole lot of jobs that some Asian countries have been enjoying over the years. These must stop. I bake cakes. I went to Malaysia some few years ago , sister, majority if the equipment use for baking are from their country. Not as strong and fine as the one from Wilton and co , but their own engineers collaborated with the bakers to turn out something for their own people. Why can’t we. ? CORRUPTION. Right from school and now to every asopect of line. Entitled syndrome. Buhari might have failed in his fight against corruption but this old man will soon go . He even saw a better Nigerian, i.e years ago, What type of Nigeria will my children see? So many countries of the world don’t want us even Kenya, Uganda want us to get visa before visiting. South Korea that General Gown paid the salaries of the ir civil servant for 7 month to bail them out their trying time has forgotten.. What can we do? Let join hand to kick out corruption. On you own table say no to it. Preach it. Not for Buhari but for our children.
    God bless you and merry Christmas.

    1. Elder Oleghibe Moore Kingsley

      Mrs Nwocha, you spoke the truth. Nothing can be far away from what you wrote.

      PMB doesn’t deserve a second chance. He’s all that you describe in your article.

      My worries are that his foot soldiers we never allow one express themselves in the media space. Maybe they are hirelings or paid to attack one who vehemently spoke against their benefactor. Such that, one’s profile and persona are subject of riddle.

      I’m personally a victim of this and I talk from experience.

      I’m particularly worried about the carnage of deaths and unnecessary blood letting with little or no concern by the presidency of which Buhari heads.

      Is it the high rate of unemployment and no meaningful economic policies to help recuperate and cushion the effects of Buhari’s creation?

      Now, we hear of TradeMoni being used as a vote buying tool: how many truly get the money? There are about 60million vulnerable poor people in Nigeria. What are the modus operandi in the disbursement?

      As for Atiku, we know his pedigree as a man with Midas Touch. We should trust him as least.

      This is my take on all that you wrote.

  2. Ayekooto

    The greatest problem with Nigerians is that we are people who love good life and are not prepared for hard time, like Adaramola put it, we like sweet meal but we don’t want to know how and where it comes from . The journalists and writer make matter worst when they write from the depth of ignorance of the economic situation of the country based on their selfish interest or the interest of their paymasters.
    How on earth can an economy solely dependent on oil revenues with seriously depleted foreign reserves and at a time when oil prices went so low pick up and boom in 3-4 yrs.
    I expect columnists to read wide about the rise and fall of economies and also know the characters of the Nigerian economy before they misinform the people and discredit the genuine efforts of people.
    Any sincere assessment must realize that this government is indeed doing so much to pull Nigeria out of the woods to the dismay of the vested interest who have cornered the resources of the country.
    Except and only when we allow this government a space to lay a stringent foundation upon which men of goodwill who are interested in the development of this country can come and build enduring economy, things will continue to get harder.

  3. Elder Oleghibe Moore Kingsley

    I read your contribution thrice and I love the candour in the message. Let me also reiterate that some Buhari supporters on internet are bullies who to the extent threaten my existence.

    My contribution nay query about your defense is that it is centered on the economy and national cake. But the life of the presidency is multifarious and multi dimensional.

    Leaving out any part of it because you are building one part will eventually lead to tsuris. Fighting corruption is good; prosecuting corrupt elements is better and recovery stolen money is best. But must the economy be in comatose? Must inflation skyrocket beyond the reach of the ordinary Nigerians?

    Must all local industries die because foreign currencies appreciated and with their attendent spiral effects?

    Must herders and farmers kill everyone from among themselves before PMB reacts? Must he- PMB declare cattle reserve or colony before peace is achieved?

    Must IPOB be wiped off because they demand referendum or seek self determination and independence? What about dialogue with them and assuaging their demands like done in sane countries?

    What about the crass for disobedience to the rule of law and neglect of court orders with cases on politically detained person’s?

    These and many more the reasons PMB shouldn’t return.

    We have had enough.


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