Does Buhari know the ‘change’ many Nigerians are expecting?

Does Buhari know the ‘change’ many Nigerians are expecting?

At a dinner meeting with Abuja Private Sector Forum in Abuja on Saturday night, Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, General Mohammadu Buhari, said the clamour for change in Nigeria’s political governance has become the desire of all Nigerians and not limited to APC as a party.

This is true. Nigerians want change. One wonders however if the General has the specifics of the ‘change’ that Nigerians want. And most of them expect these changes to happen instantaneously if the APC wins the presidential ticket.

Here is a list of some of the things that a lot of Nigerians believe ‘change’ entails.

Nigerian Police taking bribe
Policemen will no longer stay at street corners waiting for unwary motorists they can extort money from.


  1. Policemen will no longer stay at street corners waiting for unwary motorists they can extort money from.
  2. Twenty four hours power supply.
  3. For Lagosians, traffic decongestion.
  4. The dollar exchange rate will become one dollar to one naira.
  5. Instant justice for public servants found dipping into national coffers.
  6. Jobs for every graduate.
  7. There will be no more bribing of customs officers to bring goods into the country.
  8. Airport staff will become more polite.
  9. Monthly payments for all out of work Nigerians.
  10. Education will be free/cheap at all levels.
  11. Protest by Nigeria Union of Pensioners Lagos state

    Pensioners will receive all outstanding payments.

  12. No more strike in higher institutions.
  13. Agberos will no longer prowl bus stops.
    Conductors will no longer run away with change.

    Conductors will no longer run away with change;  passengers will no longer run away without paying.

  15.  More young people will receive appointments to relevant positions in government.
  16. Thieving officials from the past administration will be thrown in jail.
  17. Brain drain will stop. Nigerians abroad will return back to the country.
  18. Keke riders will maintain their lane.
  19. Security men will no longer ask, “Anything for the weekend?”
  20. Lecturers will stop harassing students for sex and money.

Oya, let’s go! Add yours in the comments.

Here’s hoping that General Buhari has his magic wand ready.

If he wins.

General Muhammadu Buhari
General Muhammadu Buhari


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  1. Walter

    – Okada will return to Lagos roads
    – Foreign embassies will have better relations with Nigerians seeking visas
    – The police will concentrate on crime fighting instead of bribery.

  2. Godmother

    – Upon medical emergencies, citizens would be treated first and questioned later
    – All Nigerians would be on some kind of database
    – We hope Buhari and Co would be able to chest the kind of reckless insults they’ve hurled at President GEJ with aplomb
    – The free lunch for public primary schools as promised by APC in Lagos
    – police detectives that can DETECT and SOLVE crimes based on fact and evidence.
    – Affordable rent in all areas of Nigeria
    – A government that can really listen and act on the needs of the people
    – the children of ALL Nigerian government officials brought back home to attend Federal government schools at Secondary and Tertiary levels.


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