Does exercise make your brain bigger?

Does exercise make your brain bigger?

Yes it does! So you have yet another reason to exercise: the bigger the workout, the bigger the brain.

Here’s good motivation to get up and move more, even in the dead of winter: a new study published in the journal Neurology found that people who weren’t as physically active in midlife had smaller brains than their peers 20 years later.

In the new study, the researchers looked at 1,583 men and women who didn’t have dementia or heart disease. They worked out on a treadmill to assess their fitness levels. Then, 20 years later, the people in the study did another treadmill fitness test and had brain scans.

The brain scans revealed that people with a lower exercise capacity — defined as the amount of time people could exercise on the treadmill before their heart rate hit a certain threshold — in midlife were more likely to have smaller brains years later, compared with people who had high fitness levels in middle age. They also found that people whose blood pressure and heart rate went up more during exercise were more likely to have smaller brains down the line. Higher-than-average blood pressure and heart-rate spikes could indicate a lack of physical fitness. Read more

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