Donald Trump Praises JIM BROWN we’re helping Black People! (TMZ)

Donald Trump Praises JIM BROWN we’re helping Black People! (TMZ)

You scratch Donald Trump’s back, he’ll scratch yours … just ask Jim Brown — who was just praised publicly by the President days after the NFL player went to bat for Donald during a radio interview.

Brown told “JT The Brick” he’s still “really pulling for the President” after meeting with POTUS at Trump Tower right after Trump won the election back in December 2016.

Brown also said he knows supporting Trump will make him unpopular in the black community but said he believes Trump is doing “good things.”

Fast forward to Monday morning … when Trump tweeted about his old friend.

“Thank you to the great [Jim Brown] perhaps the greatest running back of all time, for your wonderful words and support.” “Since our meeting in New York, African-American UNEMPLOYMENT has reached the LOWEST LEVEL IN HISTORY. You get it!” Read more

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