Donald Trump’s first wife on what he was like as a dad (Time)

Donald Trump’s first wife on what he was like as a dad (Time)

Every family is a tiny nation unto itself, with its leaders, its laws and its own geopolitics. Each has its natural resources and its internal challenges. The family of President Donald Trump seems to have been a place whose citizens could flourish: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. For rich kids, they’re remarkably industrious and polite. A new book says that is due not to their founding father, but entirely to their mother.

“Some people — including Hillary Clinton — consider [the kids] to be Donald Trump’s finest accomplishments,” writes Ivana Trump, the President’s first and so far longest-serving wife, in her new book, Raising Trump (Gallery Books), which comes out on Tuesday. “I believe the credit for raising such great kids belongs to me.”

No sitting US President has ever had an ex-wife write a book about their erstwhile home life, what kind of a father and husband he was, and what kind of fun the ex-wife went on to have after he cheated and left.

Actually, no US president has ever had an ex-wife who escaped the Communist bloc by means of a fake marriage, or sold her name-brand scents and fashion on TV in three countries, or still openly feuds with that president’s second wife, or fed his children sea urchins seasoned only with a drop of champagne harvested from beneath her yacht by her boyfriend, or jokes that she prefers younger men because she’d rather be a babysitter than caretaker, or buys lingerie in sets of 12, which she sends to each of her homes overseas because people steal them from her suitcases, or declares how much sex married people are really having. (A few times a month if they’re lucky.) Then again, this won’t be the first time precedent has gone to the dogs during this presidency. Read more

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