March 23, 2019

Don’t beat yourself up too hard – He left you?

Don’t beat yourself up too hard –  He left you?


You have to learn a lot more about relationships and mature emotionally to build strong and meaningful relationships. Find out what it is you are doing to keep men off or what it is they don’t like about you and you will be on your way to finding true love.



One, you seem to be under so much pressure to be in a relationship. This could be pressure from your peers and parents or it could be self-inflicted. This pressure ends up making you anxious. Unfortunately, anxiety does not bring out the best in us.

Eventually, you get into a relationship acting desperate. Desperate people tend to be clingy. They are not aware that they are suffocating the other person. This can be a real put-off and when people see this, they take off as fast as they can.

Secondly, there could be a possibility that you are hasty and therefore you do not allow the relationship to grow at its own healthy pace.

You have mentioned relationships lasting for only a month and the fact that you got a baby from one of the short stint relationships. This indicates that things could be moving too fast.

I suggest that you relax and take the pressure away from yourself and do not allow anyone to put pressure on you. Enjoy every stage of your life, there is nothing wrong with a beautiful girl like you being single. You don’t have to be in a relationship. You need the right person in your life.

With time, you will find one who will love and accept you just as you are with no misgivings.

When you meet men who will have an issue,  just know that those are jokers out to take advantage of your beauty and take off immediately thereafter.

Yes, it can be a problem when one cannot seem to keep a relationship but do not be too quick to beat yourself up too hard.

The problem could be with the men you meet and get into relationships with.

Evaluate those relationships and try to see when the relationships tend to go south there should be a trend from which you can learn from. In keeping relationships, one just needs to be “yourself” and not to expect too much from the other person.

I would, however, recommend that you take some time before committing too much to a man. Get to learn more about them and give them some time to learn more about you.

When people get to learn about each other better, they stop being judgemental about issues and form more solid relationships.

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