Don’t dump refuse in gutters, LGA chief warns

Don’t dump refuse in gutters, LGA chief warns

Officials and workers of Lagos Mainland Local Government Area will clear the drainage of at least 10 streets in the next few days. The sanitation is aimed at reducing malaria and other diseases among the residents. The local government administrator, Adedoyin Rojaiye, warned the residents against dumping refuse in the gutters. Rojaiye spoke during his tour of the drains where two labourers, who were breaking a slab to erect a pole and make for a more comfortable exit for their hotel building, were accosted.

He said: “Government just repaired two roads in the local government, among which is Borno Way. I am amazed to see them destroy this facility which the government put up for the people. If they put it up, I will prosecute them. This is because they have all been advised to do everything within the ambit of the law. “So, I have informed them that they would be prosecuted accordingly, because I won’t stand seeing a road that has just been fixed to be damaged. I have told them to remove the pole. I am sure they will comply.”Read more

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