Dope TV launches in Nigeria

Dope TV launches in Nigeria

Dope TV, a digital urban youth and family entertainment multi TV platform has launched in Nigeria. Packed with free and unlimited access to media content like movies, drama series, soap opera, comedy shows, lifestyle and magazine shows, news, reality TV shows, family drama and children and teen programmes, it is from the stable of Digital Interactive Media.

The 360 degree marketing communications company is the brain behind innovative content like the Next Movie Star, Supermom, Excite TV, Dear Diary, Dormitory 8 and a host of others.

The web-based new offering would also be available on mobile phones via the Dope TV app on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store, while allowing visitors to interact, share content, chat and engage on different sections of the platform.

“We are aggregating the best of entertainment media channels on one platform that our users can access online via and on mobile devices. Also a bouquet of several youth-centric entertainment media channels relevant to the lifestyle of the young urban African, Dope TV has congregated all the exciting, engaging, hilarious, interactive and educational media content that is appealing to the lifestyle of our audience into different channels under one platform and delivered to the target via their closest touch points – online and mobile,” said Sola Fajobi, the CEO of Dope TV.

Fajobi explained  that like the choices people make on their cable/satellite decoder, Dope TV is divided into six key channels; “Dope Studio, a proudly 100% African entertainment content channel showcasing high quality and premium recorded content from across the continent, offers the best of movies, soaps, drama series, sitcoms, lifestyle and magazine shows, comedy skits and shows, reality TV shows, music, events, parties and great moments.” He continued, “Dope Life is the real time entertainment, lifestyle and news channel designed for the African youth. All content in this section are original and offered in 10 sections some of which include: Dope Fashion and Style, Dope Fun People, Dope Now, Dope Streetz of Showbiz, Dope Metro e.t.c.”

There is also Dope Interact, a chat room portal, which offers a wide range of chat rooms where people chat with each other on various topics; while the chemistry section is purely a dating and romance platform.

“Dope Stream is our live-streaming channel for all live shows, programmes or content like events, reality TV shows, red carpet moments, news and other content offerings that are hot, happening now or in high demand while Dope Family is the premium home and family-friendly channel with content like cooking shows and tips, home affairs, health, fitness and hygiene, décor tips, parenting, crafts and recipes, schools and career guide, educational games, family oriented reality TV shows e.t.c. designed to educate, entertain, inform and interact with mothers, fathers, teens, children and the whole family in a more meaningful way.”

According to Fajobi, “Dope Reality showcases fresh and original reality TV shows and various ranges of contemporary formats will be on display with fresh shows every month. Each quarter, the channel will broadcast at least one original format while celebrity lifestyle reality formats will be a consistent feature on daily and weekly basis. The fact is straightforward, reality show is the in-thing globally now and we want to own it in Nigeria.”

Fajobi promised that his new offering would “engage the youth and family audience through edge of the seat, exciting, interesting and rewarding content and shows that will be promoted and launched on the channel available to subscribers daily free of any charge. Dope TV offers a fix for everyone’s addiction, so whatever your addiction is, be rest assured we got something here for you. You can also get updates on all our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google Plus among others.”


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