‘Eat Less Ponmo, Promote Leather Industry’

‘Eat Less Ponmo, Promote Leather Industry’

Exportation of hide, skin and leather products is big business that sustains a lot of producers, processors, brokers and dealers. This is because it is one of the top raw materials needed globally in the leather manufacturing industry.

China is the largest buyer of hides, same with Taiwan, the European Union (EU), Thailand and Vietnam.   But the Nigerian hides, skin and leather industry has not built a reputation as an agricultural export engine. This is linked to challenges related to cattle hide supplies, skin market access barriers and uncertain conditions in the leather manufacturing sectors.

Despite the increasing export value, the hides and skins industry faces a shortage of supplies, even as   cattle slaughter rates have increased to 2,000 cows daily in places, such as Oko Oba Abattoir, Lagos.  There is a continued trend of increasing slaughter rates and cattle hide availability. But the challenge is that the hide (cow skin) is eaten largely as ponmo  than being used as leather for shoe lining…Read more

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