March 22, 2019

‘Economy has suffered $1.5bn loss due to election postponement’ – LCCI

‘Economy has suffered $1.5bn loss due to election postponement’ – LCCI

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has revealed the loss incurred by the economy owning to the shift in election date.

The Director General of the LCCI, Muda Yusuf explained that an estimate of $1.5bn loss was suffered by the nation’s maritime sector.

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Yusuf said, “The postponement of the elections has caused very serious disruptions to the nation’s economy and businesses.

“Many investors have lost a lot of money, and the loss to the economy due to the postponement cannot be less than 1.5bn US Dollars.

“Talking about the maritime sector of the economy, which is a very critical sector, what has happened would have cost, not just those who are directly involved in the sector billions of money, but also importers and businesses who normally get their raw materials through the ports.

He further explained many businesses suffered huge losses due to their cargoes being held up which prevented raw materials getting to various factories in the manufacturing sector.

“Due to the election which led to early closure of work at the ports, many businesses would have suffered delays in their efforts to clear their cargoes, which could lead also to delay in getting raw materials to factories.

“And don’t forget that a lot of importers borrow money for importation businesses. As long as delays like this happen, interests accrue on borrowed funds.

“So there is the interest cost, delay in production processes, delays in business cycles because once there is disruption along the business chain, it affects the entire scope of business. It affects how businesses are able to turn around their capital.

“There is also an implication for jobs. So many of the workers in the ports earn their income daily.

“For every hour that there is no business, the workers don’t get paid. The loss is quite horrendous on the maritime sector side and the economy as a whole.”

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