The end may still be nigh, but not just yet (Heraldlive)

The end may still be nigh, but not just yet (Heraldlive)

While South Africans celebrated Heritage Day yesterday, many people around the globe were possibly a little surprised – and perhaps even relieved – to wake up to discover that the world was little changed and had, in fact, not ended.

Many had feared that Saturday would be their last day on Earth after a Christian numerologist, David Meade, predicted it would end on that day.

According to reports‚ his theory was that a so-called Planet X‚ also known as Nibiru‚ would pass Earth on September 23‚ causing volcanic eruptions‚ tsunamis and earthquakes.

Citing biblical verses in Luke 21:25 and 26‚ he said that recent events such as the solar eclipse witnessed in the US and Hurricane Harvey were signs of the apocalypse. Read more

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