March 19, 2019

Enterprising lady working on street lights go viral (Pics)

Enterprising lady working on street lights go viral (Pics)

The rapid technological advancement witnessed in the world has led to a lot of women taking on jobs in hitherto male-dominated sectors.

This has led to a proliferation of women in a lot of sectors.

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Regardless of this fact, not a lot of women take on high-risk especially in the power sector which is why the photos of a female electrician went viral.

The woman was photographed engaging in electrical repairs of street lights as shared by a user on Twitter identified as Philip Obin who praised the hardworking and resourceful nature of the woman.

Obin tweeted, “I know this picture won’t get plenty likes and RTs because this woman isn’t half naked.

We tend to focus on girls posting pics glowing on Instagram feeding them with likes. But really this deserves endless RTs.”

The identity of the woman is still unverified.

View the tweet below:

View pictures:


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