February 21, 2018

An entertainer without critics is not relevant —Dayo Amusa (Punch)

An entertainer without critics is not relevant —Dayo Amusa (Punch)

Being in the limelight comes with a lot of privileges. Little wonder that many would give their right arm for even 15 minutes of fame. However, beyond the shine and glamour that stars seem to enjoy, they also have to endure the caustic tongues of fans, followers, friends and critics alike who judge their every move.

For actress, Dayo Amusa, she says she doesn’t pay any attention to critics. “You need to understand that people don’t talk about someone that is not known. When people talk about you, it means you are in the spotlight where everybody can see you. Some of the people who say hurtful things about you even want to be like you. Read more

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