Enugu State celebrates Professor Anezi Okoro

Enugu State celebrates Professor Anezi Okoro

The name Professor Anezi Okoro may not ring a bell in the minds of most people. But Wilson Tagbo will, especially for those who grew up in the 90s with the book ‘One Week, One Trouble.’

At 86, Professor Anezi Okoro is the Professor of Medicine at Ebonyi State University, Abakiliki in Ebonyi State. His illustrious career as an educationist has spun over 55 years, and his literary achievements live on in books like Village Headmaster, Double Trouble, Village Boy, Parish Earth and many others.

Born on the 17th of May 1929 in Imo State, Nigeria, Professor Anezi Okoro was a gifted student and excelled in academic pursuits, which saw him gaining admission into the University College Ibadan in 1948 to study Medicine, and later into the famous University of Bristol, United Kingdom in 1953. In the following years Professor Anezi Okoro received other medical degrees from different prestigious institutions around the world.

Besides his literary books, the Professor has published and has been published in several medical books and journals.

Professor Anezi Okoro is also credited with translating four of Shakespeare’s books into the Igbo Language in a collection called “Akuku Ufodu Shakespeare Koro”, which was published in 2005 by Fourth Dimension, Enugu.

Aside his medical contribution and literary works for the growth and development of humanity, Professor Anezi Okoro  wrote the proposal for the citing of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja. He wrote the proposal in 1976 and it was approved by the then Federal Government. Today, Abuja as the capital of Nigeria competes with major country capitals across the globe.


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