EU chief apologises over ‘mandatory gay marriage’ joke

EU chief apologises over ‘mandatory gay marriage’ joke

A European Commissioner has issued a formal apology for joking that Germany might make same-sex marriage mandatory. Mr Oettinger, a member of Angela Merkel’s right-wing CDU, was filmed apparently mocking Germany’s “liberal” attitude, saying: “The German agenda has mandatory pensions, retirement as 63, child care allowance, the silly Autobahn toll that will never be introduced… after that, perhaps the obligatory homosexual marriage will be introduced!

The German agenda does not fulfil my expectations of German responsibility at all.” Same-sex marriage continues to be banned in Germany. He also allegedly referred to Chinese people as having “slit eyes”, but the comments were not caught on camera.

Referring to a Chinese trade delegation, he recalled: “Nine men, one party, no democracy. No female quota, and no women, which follows logically. All of them in suits, single breasted dark blue jackets. All of them had their hair combed from left to right, with black shoe polish on their hair.” Read more

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