February 19, 2018

Ex-Penthouse owner takes in foster kids stranded by Irma (NYPost)

Ex-Penthouse owner takes in foster kids stranded by Irma (NYPost)

The millionaire ex-owner of Penthouse magazine and his wife have opened up the doors to their sprawling Boca-Raton mansion – taking in more than 70 foster kids forced out of emergency shelters because of Hurricane Irma.

Business tycoon Marc Bell and wife Jennifer came to the rescue after receiving a call from the head of the SOS Children’s Villages Florida earlier this week, saying they’ve been evicted from their shelters and “had no place to go.”

The children’s foster care community in Florida’s Broward County was left without power, prompting authorities to remove the kids and their chaperones after the hurricane ripped through the area, Bell said.

“They were tired after being there 5 days, hungry, no showers and no electricity at their home. They asked for help,” Bell wrote on a GoFundMe page created Monday to raise money to aid the children who lived at the big-hearted couple’s 27,000-square-foot home for days. Read more

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