Diversity and inclusion is soooooo yesterday- Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Diversity and inclusion is soooooo yesterday- Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Exclusivity is safe.

It is being ‘great’. It keeps adulteration out. When things are different and they want to mix up with something homogenous, something entirely different is the outcome.

So the best way to understand a thing, to feel comfortable with that thing is to keep it just the way it should be i.e without anything foreign. Anything foreign contaminates. Like items do not repel, they blend in properly. Unlike items create a force, a negative energy that keeps things that should not be together coexisting.

The solution to world peace is finally here.

Stay where you are and never venture far. It is just safer that way. (Please note that this does not apply to Caucasians… they are never foreign and can go anywhere they want to.) Where there is criminality and contention, there is diversity. You need to understand that where there is no diversity, people are happy. Nothing ever goes wrong. But some people leave their cursed lands without leaving behind the curses. They bring heartache, take away jobs and just make the scenery unpalatable for the indigenes.

Look at Nigeria, if we were all just one ethnicity, we would be a perfect country. Or maybe if all the ethnic groups choose never to leave where they are from then the country would be heaven. How will a man from Kano State go to Enugu State and be ‘carrying shoulder’? How will Lagos generously open up to all people and these people decide to come and be prosperous and own property and land? Then next they will be deciding who gets elected in Lagos… abomination.

Like the once great America. It used to be a place where Native Americans lived happily till Columbus came and destroyed everything. White people came and took over the land. Now instead of white people keeping the country white and wiping away all the natives, they decided to ship loads of slaves over. You can’t really blame them though. Who would have thought that black people would not have been content with the thought of being slightly above domestic animals? They had to agitate for freedom and integration. Now that they became people again walking beside white people, America lost its greatness.

Crimes committed by immigrants are not the same when committed by actual citizens. I know you are confused but let me try and explain. A van with Muslims ramming into pedestrians is a crime that cannot be compared to a van driven by a Caucasian ramming into Muslims. You would want to argue that a person injured or killed by a van driven by a Muslim would suffer the same if the van was driven by a non-Muslim. I would shake my head and laugh at you. You are such a simple minded person.

A victim of a crime from a person of the same religion or race or tribe as he is better than one that was victimised by a person of a different religion or race or tribe. This is because one is a hate crime specifically targeting race or religion… the other is the result of either an undiagnosed mental ailment or forgetting to take medication for a known mental ailment. A perfectly normal person would NEVER commit a crime against someone exactly as himself.

Am I being complex?

This wave of nationalism is the ultimate solution to conflict all over the world. Stay where you are. Be suspicious of people that are not like you.

The fresh agitation for Biafra is interesting. The solution to every problem in the South East is for Igbo people to be by themselves governing themselves. This will ensure that their individual interests will be protected. Can somebori shout HALLELUJAH! This problem is easily solved.

Enough of my double speak. I know some people are already taking me literally here. I am more than puzzled when people think the exclusivity will push a nation’s cause. When will we admit to ourselves that our problems are not tribal or race or religion? Our issues are human issues. Where human beings exist, there is always the possibility of conflict. It is also impossible for us to agree on one thing. Have you not seen children given birth to my the same father and mother unable to to get along? Have you seen twins fall out? Our differences are excuses that some of us need to create chaos.

No matter how you divide the lines of similarity, you will never be able to solve human problems. It will grade from:

“I am being treated this way because I am Igbo”

And graduate to:

“I am being treated this way because I am not from Anambra”

Then it will get to:

“I am treated this way because I am not a catholic from Anambra.”

And the lines will get finer and finer. It never stops.

It is an escapism of sorts to target a broad group of people and blame them for our problems.

Intolerance has risen several notches.  It seems like there is a room full of minions that are orchestrating events to create more suspicion and to divide each other.

It is great to love and be proud of where we are from. It is not great to let ourselves think that we are more deserving than other people just because of where we are from. And it is erroneous to think that all we need to do better is to be with people around us.

I will keep talking.

Even if no one listens

We have more in common than anything that divides us.

We are people with the same basic and secondary needs.

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